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    Malta, Are You Ready For The “We Will Rock You” Musical ?

    FM Theatre’s next smash-hit musical features timeless Queen songs and well-known local and international performers Hi Everyone! Look what just happened to me! The other day I visited the cast of the epic musical “ We Will Rock You” in Malta during a rehearsal and photoshoot and they decided to surprise the heck out of […]

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    Rosselli – AX Privilege officially opens its doors in Malta

    On Thursday 12th, AX Rosselli has opened its doors in an extravagant launch event. Rosselli is the first 5-star luxury hotel in the capital city. Established in a 17th-century building, the hotel prompts a contemporary reflection of the artistic Baroque architecture, bringing forward qualities of exaggerated motion, dramatism and whimsical emotion. The AX Group once […]

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    Proud To Be

    Together We Stand to Celebrate All the Colours of the Rainbow #ProudToBe #TogetherIsBetter #GayPride It’s officially Pride month so with the LGBTQ community in mind, I, Grazielle have teamed up with some of my gorgeous gay friends Daron, Clinton, Rosario and Tristan to create this feature to share with you because we feel that in […]

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    Twistees celebrated 50 years in style at Strandfest

    Hi everyone! Hope to find you well on this day you are reading my Blog Post! A few weeks ago, I shared the good news that I’m the privileged Brand Ambassador for Twistees the special Maltese snack. A few weeks ago I attended the official party for Twistees 50th Anniversary held at Villa Arrigo across […]

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    Shop for Grazielles Second Hand Wardrobe

    Hi everyone! I have been asked many many times. “Do you sell your clothes and accessories once you don’t want them anymore?” So I decided to try out an ONLINE SALE to test the feedback of persons interested. This first one was mainly a sale of BAGS including brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, GUESS, […]

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    My New TV Program ACCELER8 to start this April on NET TV!

    Hello everyone! I can finally share the great news! I am so excited and pleased to announce that I will be hosting a NEW TV program on NET TV starting Thursday 25th April! Acceler8 is the name of a new television program. Another little dream come true this year! The main aim of the program […]

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    Last Thursday saw another very pleasant event held at FINO Showrooms! FINO has just opened a new Fino Projects showroom on the 1st floor dedicated to all types of office furniture and project collaborations. I obviously could not miss to be there to celebrate this moment with the team! The event was a networking one,  including […]