– a table booking system for dining out in Malta and Gozo

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You know I’m a foodie and I love dining and reviewing restaurants on my blog and socials. So I very recently discovered this useful website, recommended by a friend for its very convenient services and I thought I’d share the findings with those of you out there who like myself love dining out at restaurants in Malta and Gozo quite regularly and don’t particularly enjoy picking up the phone to call or text the restaurant to book the table. is a restaurant table booking system. Bookia makes it easy for anyone local or foreign to pre-book a restaurant in 3 easy steps.


What does this site offer?

If you wish to visit a restaurant, you can easily search and filter restaurants based on your criteria such as locality, say you are looking for a restaurant in St Julians or Sliema, type of cuisine or even using their “popular searches” menu to find fine dining restaurants or Michelin guide restaurants.

It is very useful if you enjoy dining every week or you are looking for some new restaurants in the area you prefer. Some restaurants are not so efficient with their replies on Facebook or to answer phone calls, but on Bookia, you get a reply in minutes!


It’s also very convenient if you have a last minute booking and you are trying to organise in between your hectic working day and you don’t wish to hassle with messaging or calling the actual restaurants yourself.

You currently have over 240 restaurants to choose from with new restaurants being added daily and this list increasing weekly.

Try it out! It’s FREE and always will be!

This is one of their mottos and Yes, It is a free service, no monthly fees, no hidden charges either.




Bookia is super easy to use and its aim is to make your booking process easier than ever; Thanks to a great team behind it, all you need to do is follow three simple steps on

1. Search for your favourite restaurants

Choose a booking date and time, a cuisine type, or a preferred city.
Bookia will show you all the restaurants around Malta and Gozo that fit your search criteria.


2. Choose your favourite restaurant and book a table

Choose the restaurant that you are interested in and input a few details – like the number of people who will be eating and whether you’d like to sit indoors or outdoors.


3. Get your order confirmed and dine out

Once you’ve received SMS & email confirmation, you’re set to attend to your reservation.
It’s that simple!


There are also absolutely no commissions through, so rest assured that this website will seek to cater to just your needs, no matter what they might be. Say goodbye to frustrating phone calls and endless messages to get your table booked!
Don’t just take my word for it, have a look below at what other people have had to say about bookia recently.



I hope you found this blog post interesting and I do encourage you to check the site and book your next dining out experience through here and see how it works for you! If you are a restaurant that is not on the list, then I suggest you get in touch with the team today.

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Much love to all and happy dining in Malta and Gozo!


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