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    Shop for Grazielles Second Hand Wardrobe

    Hi everyone! I have been asked many many times. “Do you sell your clothes and accessories once you don’t want them anymore?” So I decided to try out an ONLINE SALE to test the feedback of persons interested. This first one was mainly a sale of BAGS including brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, GUESS, […]

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    My New TV Program ACCELER8 to start this April on NET TV!

    Hello everyone! I can finally share the great news! I am so excited and pleased to announce that I will be hosting a NEW TV program on NET TV starting Thursday 25th April! Acceler8 is the name of a new television program. Another little dream come true this year! The main aim of the program […]

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    Last Thursday saw another very pleasant event held at FINO Showrooms! FINO has just opened a new Fino Projects showroom on the 1st floor dedicated to all types of office furniture and project collaborations. I obviously could not miss to be there to celebrate this moment with the team! The event was a networking one,  including […]

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    APEROCHIC events kicks off at AX The Palace Malta this season

    This week the foyer and the Talk of The Town Café of AX The Palace Hotel became a fashion venue welcoming hotel guest and various local fashionistas and bloggers to host an evening of fashion and drinks called APEROCHIC. This was the first of a number of quarterly events planned for 2019. While networking and […]

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    MUMUSO launches a new store in Malta

    Korean lifestyle brand Mumuso opened a new store in Bisazza Street Sliema on Friday 22nd March – and what fun it was! Inspired by Korean fashion trends of combining traditional culture with modern society, the MUMUSO brand was registered in Korea in 2014 and is devoted to selling high quality products at affordable prices. It […]

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    Milan Fashion Week 2019 here I come

    It’s time for travel again! This time, off to the home of fabulous pizza, fashion and legendary design. In the coming days, I will be attending Milan Fashion Week 2019, explosive days full of fashion shows, brand presentations and new discoveries. When embarking on my adventures, I always like to set goals for myself. After […]

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    My First Social Networking Event for a Good Cause

    Last week marked a sweet milestone for me and Blog by Grazielle. Together with some amazing support from brands I work with, FINO and I organised my first Social Networking Event under the campaign #TogetherisBetter with 100% of all funds raised going towards Fra Diegu Home, an orphanage in Hamrun. Over 60 ladies accepted our […]

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    2018 Review – My highlights this year

    2018 was a year of pushing boundaries and personal growth. Here are some of my accomplishments/highlights Every year, I compile a list of things I achieved in the year in various areas of my life, to be able to measure growth and time management and to keep me motivated to keep doing more stuff the […]

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    10 Days of Christmas Campaign – GABA

    Hello everyone! This wonderful Campaign has just kicked off in Malta. Leading to the Christmas, starting on the 15th December and ending on the 25th December, Blog by Grazielle and GABA will be releasing one image a day together with a heartfelt message from me in the spirit of Christmas and preparation for end of […]

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    Art of Couples Communication Workshop

    The workshop by Veronica Vazeri This week my husband and I attended a workshop called the “Art of Couples Communication” held by Veronica Vazeri at “The Lodge” in Cospicua, Malta. I don’t know how you feel, but I am a kind of person that loves to work on their relationship as much as they work […]