The Interview: Sunday Circle Magazine

By Ramona Depares

This month has been very exciting in the press for the blog. It makes me very happy. I m sharing here today highlights of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Circle last weekend, the magazine distributed with the Sunday Times of Malta. A big thank you goes to this team who collaborated to make this feature splash out of the pages. Thank you also to the staff at the Hotel Juliani in St Julians for their assistance at the Rooftop Bar and pool deck !





Photography: Matthew J Spiteri
Clothes: Carla Grima Atelier
Make Up: Jennifer Abela
Jewellery: Sam Selby
Eyewear: Miu Miu



Tell us something about yourself and your passions – and how you combine them?

I’m a 41 year old career woman, a proud mum of a two year old little girl with a bubbly personality and lots of energy! Having got married two years ago to a lovely Swedish man, and a shift in life priorities, decided to focus on my marketing business and entrepreneurial projects. My current focus is on online marketing especially social media and PR. I love socialising, travelling, fashion, dancing, cars and I somehow manage to find the time for everything including creating content for my blog and my clients. They are intertwined.

You recently launched a new project called Malta TV – what can you tell us about it?

#MaltaTV is an online TV project that will celebrate its 1st year anniversary this September. In its first phase, with guidance and support from a number of professionals in the filming and hospitality industry and sponsorships from leading businesses in Malta, the project highlights things of interest about our islands – Things to do, places to visit, where to wine and dine, top businesses etc. Through videos and blogs, we promote Maltese places of interest and newly launched venues on social media for locals and travellers. Each monthly video receives 40,000+ views on facebook and YouTube. Malta TV is also available online providing a free online service to local and international travellers asking about information in Malta or Gozo. Visit or

When did you launch your blog and what is the idea behind it?

I launched my blog last December. The idea as a blogger is to share my information, my experiences, my outfits, personal tips, exciting places of interest in Malta and during my travels overseas and it is my wish to inspire women, especially mums out there to follow their dreams.

Which designers do you admire most and why?

That is so tough. I’m a huge fan of so many designers both high fashion and street fashion! Italian designers the likes of Elisabetta Franchi, Dolce e Gabbana and Cavalli because of their classy yet bold designs. I love American brands like Guess and Michael Kors for their easy-to-wear combinations. For their affordability and classic essentials, Spanish brands Zara and Mango. I also admire local designers like Charles & Ron who produce outstanding work and put Malta on the fashion industry map.

How do you describe your style?

Well, if I have to say in three words, my style is classy, elegant yet adventurous. I love my stiletto heels and chic outfits, hair must always be in place and styled to match the outfit. I love a statement jacket or a striking dress and I’m very much into accessories – totally obsessed with eyewear, bags and shoes. However, being on the go all the time and a mum too, I wear a great deal of casual outfits including jeans and tee shirts and fancy sportswear to the gym and the outdoor runs, but I tend to throw in that glamorous touch or statement accessory just because it’s just the way I am!

What do you try to do with your blog?

My objective with the blog which includes Fashion, Travel, Events and recently a new Hair & Beauty section is to maintain and increase a strong following by providing information, interesting content that is easy to read and share.

From a professional point of view, what were your highlights this year?

This past year, I have enjoyed an exciting healthy year in my marketing business with clients ranging from restaurants to retail outlets to car companies. I have enjoyed creating successful marketing campaigns and promotional events. My highlights must have been the blog launch, Malta TV and a series of filming productions I have been commissioned to direct, host and produce including the Million Euro Listings episodes for Remax Malta.

How do you juggle personal and professional?

Time management, a great support system and a positive mindset are the three main things to juggle personal and professional. A few days of rest and travel always help to re-energise my soul and my brain.

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