Who else is eyewear obsessed?

I’ve always had a thing for trendy sunglasses. At the age of 10 I wanted a pair of Raybans to wear on the school bus stop in the morning haha. Can you imagine how my mum would snigger seeing this huge pair on my tiny face?   This year in particular by taking a deeper plunge into the fashion and beauty world, I believe to have become an eyewear obsessed woman, meaning I just cannot have enough of these objects of desire. Who else suffers from the same fixation? Like I have to match the sunnies to every outfit and I will not leave the house without them!

Eyewear: D & G
Blog: It’s a Corporate Affair
Photo: Justin Ciappara

This month it’s big round sunglasses I got the hots for like the Giorgio Armani ones or the Michael Kors ones which you will see in some looks for sure! I feel that they work perfectly with my face and hair. I do love aviators in general and this year my Victoria Beckhams from Rebelli were a huge favourite! I’ve had a lot of fun with my white Miu Mius and my Dolce e Gabbanas. For morning runs and trips to the gym I have fallen in love with Oakley’s Frogkins. Mirrored sunglasses have been a lot of fun this year in so many colours and the trend will keep on into the winter and into next year. Great! I could go on talking sunnies for ages………..!

What’s your favourite style or brand when it comes to sunglasses?

Contribute with your comments and favourites in my blog pages. Do you tend to stick to the same style you feel comfortable in? Are you sticking to the good old Ray Ban Wayfarer for example Or are you more of an adventurous person and you like to go wild with statement sunglasses?

Here’s a little throwback of my favourite items I wore in the past few months, a lovely memory of all these shoots and blogs shared with you and you in return can drop a picture of your favourite pic of yourselves in your favourite sunnies!

Eyewear: Victoria Beckham
Blog: Golden Lady at MFWA 2016
Photo: Justin Ciappara

Eyewear: Rayban
Blog: Denim Shorts Any Day
Photo: Mark Thornton


Eyewear: Prada
Blog: A touch of Purple
Photo: Silver Portugov

Eyewear: Versace
Blog: Roberto Cavalli dress at ARTS
Photo: Mark Thornton


Eyewear: Versace
Blog: Travel Look
Photo: Justin Ciappara

Eyewear: Miu Miu
Blog: Sunday Circle Interview
Photo: Matthew J Spiteri


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