That Stunning Red Suit…

A Collaboration with Jean Claude Farrugia who just Launches his New Fashion Collection

Hello Everyone!

June is here and we’re buzzing with events that are back in full swing in Malta!
I had the pleasure to recently attend a Fashion Show held in Malta’s Capital City Valletta, entitled “This is V” a show by Fashion Designer Jean Claude Farrugia. This fantastic event showcased Jean Claude’s latest collection. It was supported by the Chamber of Fashion Malta.

Photos by Justine Ellul
Make Up by Natasa Trandafil

His style exudes class and finesse and it’s for the elegant bold woman who knows what she wants and is comfortable with both her masculine and feminine energies.

Design, individuality and craftsmanship are the three pillars the brand JEANCLAUDEFARRUGIA is built upon. The atelier works hard to produce unique pieces specialising in Demi Couture. The creative director Jean-Claude Farrugia, focuses mostly on mixing modern design with bespoke tailoring and finest hand embroidered details created by the house itself, to extol the best of every individual.

Designer and creative director Jean-Claude Farrugia, chose to dedicate his vision for his new collection ‘V’ on the basis of a strong and powerful woman. Also the roman numerical for 5, ‘V’ lauds the pillars of victory, valor, vanity, virgo and Valletta. Each symbol has a special meaning to the designer. He was inspired by his surroundings and various categories of women from all walks of life; mothers and sisters, saints and sinners, and the ever inspiring lives and struggles of the high ranking, career-accomplished women. This allows the spectator to identify with each of the individual designs and their multifaceted aspects.

Valletta, as the mother city of Malta, who overcame great sieges in the past, is a reflection of the woman who can celebrate her victories over a dinner or drink with her friends or lover. The garments were carefully designed to be relevant yet contemporary, provocative yet subtle. Accompanied by bold, androgynous silhouettes, the designer wanted to empower and uplift his muses, as a symbol of victory over the hardships women surrounding him succumb to everyday. The colour black, symbol of elegance and eternity, invites the eye to hone in on craft, detail and individuality.

Farrugia followed an experimental urge to create a radical, monochrome collection, giving way to a new vocabulary outside of colour, except for one garment, a red suit. During the show, a verse from the genesis was cited, but changed to read “So God created womankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; and it was good”, as a message to womankind that God has created men and woman equally, and only together can they mould a better future together. In the same way as how a mother gives birth to a child, the designer gave birth to a collection to manifest his vision and love towards a better society.

Farrugia followed an experimental urge to create a radical, monochrome collection, giving way to a new vocabulary outside of colour, except for one garment, a red suit.

An ode to the colour of blood, this was a heart felt move as homage to womankind who from the start of their private and public life have to suffer as opposed to their male counterparts.

I was lucky to be the first one to enjoy this red suit a couple of weeks after the show! I was invited to another amazing fashion show and I turned up wearing Jean Claude’s beautiful red suit.

So, an hour before the event we met up for a quick coffee and had some photos snapped by the ever so talented …. I love how these captures turned out. They are different to what I usually post – and you know what – I love them so much!

This suit is stunning because it has those unique little feathers attached to it and has a bit of a sexy feel to it without being too daring. Love it!

I had my hair pulled up in a soft up style and make up by Natasa Trandafil using MAC Cosmetics.

Jean Claude is a new designer on the island. He is very ambitious yet very humble in his approach. I look forward to more work from his young man and I’m so glad we got on from the first day we met!

To much more success my friend!



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