Summer is Looking Brighter

“with Gisele Couture”

Hello Lovely friends! How are you today? Im buzzing with enthusiasm and gratitude with all the things happening in my life and with a full heart of love for all the beautiful people in my life – my friends, my family and also you my followers! Some of you have started following me recently and others have been there since I started my blog adventure back in 2014!

Yes, I ve been a it since 2014. Just a few months after my daughter Luna was born, I remember being on vacation in Tenerife with my husband and daughter for 4#four weeks in summer and I thought to myself… I wish to do something on this holiday. I remember having my own website for business promotions and I said “ I know ! “ I will give it a go at Blogging about fashion and my travels, use the photos that I take of all the beautiful places we visit, and also give tips on what and where I recommend.

I had NO CLUE what blogging was! How it all worked! I just trusted that I would learn along the way and give it my twist and my style. Well I did that alright! I started by going out on a shopping spree there on vacation and had asked my husband if he would be kind enough to take some photos of me around the beaches at sunset for the golden hour . Luckily being a very patient man, Marco had accepted, I started writing some articles and sharing them on social media and in groups, where I knew a certain following would kick in and people would appreciate them.

Photography: Sean Cassar

Immediately I had a good response – especially from women my age who were in their 30s and were not so interested in following bloggers they dont relate to in terms of style or age group. I took a lot of effort, and I started investing a lot of time into it and anyway it became a big part of my life for a while.

Fast forward, 6 years later,  and Im still here. I’m still  active daily on my Instagram @graziellecamilleri and facebook accounts sharing my life – the travel and fashion blog became a lifestyle blog because it evolves around all I really do and like and not only advertise. Here I share also  my travels, when travelling is back on the cards at beautiful destinations and also restaurant reviews with live videos on site. I share things I love to do with friends and family and also changes to the home. It basically became a lifestyle blog, more organic and reflects who I am today.

I wanted to share a bit of the past because maybe some of you never knew any of this and I just wish to say that this blog has really grown with me as I grew and changed as a person too. What was a priority back in 2014 is not the same as it is today and it is for this reason that the people I work with now and the friends I have now are truly a representation of who I have become. I choose my brands, I choose my friends, I choose who I wish to share my energy wish because I have learned that it is sooo important to know your worth and to also follow what your heart tells you and last but not least observe how people treat you and choose people wisely, even the ones you worth with.


In this blog I am wearing these beautiful clothing pieces by Gisele Couture – carefully selected by Gisele Abela the owner and founder. Gisele and I have started working together sharing outfits about a year and a half ago when she first opened her shop, her little dream come true and it has been my immense pleasure to wear so many of her pieces and also to become friends with this lady.

At Gisele Couture in Ibragg Swieqi, situated just a stone’s throw away from the large church, she offers a wide variety of dresses for all occasions and also has gorgeous swimwear and beachwear in summer. She is very helpful, so once you visit her outlet, she will assist you to find what suits you and what is suitable for what you are looking for.

During the rough times, during Covid, we supported each other in the best ways we knew how, lifting eachother’s spirits and sharing our feelings, and together we got through this time and it is now that we can start feeling the fruits of our hard work and genuine support.

People show you who they truly are not when they are succeeding, but when they are at the worse stage of their lives.

Luckily, the persons around me have seen that and they have been amazing and I know my way forward for the blog and for my life. It’ s so simple now. The Universe just presents me with the people who hold similar vibes to me. They find me and we very often create some magic together.

Let s create some magic again. This is our time !

I wish to take the opportunity to thank you Gisele for always believing and trusting that all my intentions with you were always to lift you and many a time, it s now you that lift me. So, Thank You for that and for being that amazing woman that you are, and a proud mama to those beautiful children who are so proud of you!

I come to the end of my blog, feeling so serene, with a huge grin on my face before I go to bed.

Can’t wait to live another day.

Sending good vibes and inspiration to all those reading this today.




This pic above is by @simisu_

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