SCENTONIQ – My First Time Meeting this team and attending their event

In a world where the majority looks and smells the same, one would wish to stand out. Just like with clothing, and unique hairstyles, your fragrances can make a difference on a first impression.

The rise of niche perfume brands is not a new thing in the world of perfumery since the boom of artisanal niche fragrance houses in the early 2010s. This phenomenon has taken the world by its feet and is not uncommon to see more and more niche brands opening their stores in your town. Our Maltese island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean is no exception. I have recently been invited to attend an Event of SCENTONIQ a company that opened its doors a few years ago, and it specialises in the distribution of luxury fragrance brands in Malta, with their flagship boutique along the Sliema Strand promenade.


All smiles at the latest SCENTONIQ event in Malta

I was intrigued to learn about this company. I love fragrances. I mean, who doesn’t right? I had never seen many of these brands before, and this is one of the strong reasons to visit this outlet. From attending their event, asking questions, and by doing some research, I discovered that SCENTONIQ is a professional distributor in Malta specialising in Niche Fragrances, with a large in-house team with knowledge of branding, sales, retail and logistics. Some of the brands in their high-end portfolio, to mention a few include Nicolai, Xerjoff, Nishane, Fragrance De Bois, Casamorati and many many more!

One of their top priorities is providing the best customer experience. They build their brands with utmost care and professionalism, and are on top of the latest trends and developments in the market. I got that feeling upon meeting the team, all clad in trim black and grey suits, ready to assist me with every query I had!

On this day, April 5th, I was invited to attend a social event “An Evening With NICOLAÏ Parfumeur-Créateur” organised for a selected number of customers and luxury influencers. It involved an informative and interactive Workshop by a NICOLAI Brand Manager Damien Flynn who was flown into Malta for this occasion. If you scroll my recent Instagram Feed @graziellecamilleri or the @scentoniqmalta Feed you will see some videos from the event.

Nicolaï Parfumeur-Créateur’s brand ambassador introduced us to their fragrances and welcomed their latest scent.

That night NICOLAÏ launched CARAVANSÉRAIL INTENSE in Malta for the first time, now available at SCENTONIQ Sliema and also distributed it to other stores across Malta!

I had the opportunity to discover their range, and of course, have the opportunity to experience the other brands in the boutique with the help of their beauty advisors.

Master perfumer and one of the best-known perfume noses Patricia de Nicolai is responsible for creating many niche perfumes and chooses to create fragrances based upon the components and their own construction to find the right “accord”. It is always challenging to make sure some components stand out in what she considers to be an original “accord” and creation. We tested different notes of the new fragrances by Nicolai and we were blown away by the uniqueness of these new fragrances.

What I find interesting here is the way Patricia de Nicolai and many other master perfumers deal with applying personal experiences with professional skills to expand beyond the standard, evoke memories, and places, and provide us with an unforgettable scent experience.

Some History about the NICOLAI BRAND

With the opening of NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR in 1989, Patricia de Nicolaï and her husband Jean-Louis Michau took an audacious gamble by creating, signing and selling her own perfumes. The era of the auteur in the perfume business hadn’t yet arrived, and being a ‘nose’ (professional perfumer) was primarily a man’s role.

From the beginning, the house of NICOLAÏ has taken devotion to top quality and complete creative freedom as its credo, maintaining a distinguished elegance that never bows to the diktats of marketing.

This was the philosophy of the Guerlain family, from which Patricia is a descendant on her mother’s side. She is the great-granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain who, with his brother Jacques as chief perfume designer, propelled their company to success in the first part of the 20th century.

Over the years, such rigour has captured an audience hungering for beautiful creations. Today, NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR is one of the jewels of the independent French perfume industry, whose products are exported around the world. Patricia is now assisted in her creative work by her son Axel de Nicolaï, who is also the enterprise’s director-general for development. For the Nicolaï family values both passion and tradition.

Well, needless to say, I did get carried away by the fragrance world…. and this is just the beginning. I m pleased to announce that I’ve been selected to be the Malta brand ambassador for SCENTONIQ this year, with the objective to be able to share more information and experiences in and out of the store with YOU all!

Upcoming Event I m looking forward to!

SCENTONIQ will be hosting an event to showcase some XERJOFF and CASAMORATI luxury perfumes featuring the founder and lead creative Sergio Momo. With their sleek bottles and artistic packaging, both Xerjoff and sister company Casamorati have something to offer to every perfume enthusiast due to their wide variety of fresh and oriental compositions. I can’t wait for Thursday 8th June, 2023 !

Stay Tuned for the Next Update here and on my SOCIAL MEDIA platforms!  😉

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