El Anillo Pa Cuando – Dance Video

Hello beautiful people! How are you? Last Monday, just one day after the hectic schedule of Malta Fashion Week, I enjoyed a late night filming a dance video in which I was cast as a JLo lookalike in this video “El Anillo Pa Cuando” danced and co-ordinated by Francisco my Venezuelan dance buddy. It was a promotion for a latino party coming up on June 23rd at Infinity b Hugos – Yeah! Watch the video here

I was not sure that I could manage to learn the dance in just two rehearsals and pull it off in front of the camera and all the people there, but I challenged myself not to give up. Even though I am a mum and a career woman, I feel I do represent a lot of women in this day and age who feel that they are pressured to not follow their hearts, just because they are over 40 years or because they have kids. No! Follow your hearts ladies and do lots of the things that make you happy.
One of my favourite things to do is dancing so it was such an empowering feeling to be a part of a project like this. If I can do it, so can you!

Let’s keep empowering eachother and spreading positive energy around.

As for the ring… I have one already, but who knows who Francesco will marry some day! I hope it is someone as beautiful as him. Gracias!! Mucho gracias de todos!



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