Crystal Fairy Queen For Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week 2019

Like stardust glistening on fairies’ wings, little girls and older girls’ dreams are made of magical things.  My inner child, who is in love with the fantasy world including unicorns and dragons, was my inspiration for this pretty and playful look on Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week 2019.

This dreamy dress in pastel pinks and lilacs was sent to Romm’s Boutique from MANGANO in Italy exclusively for me to wear for Malta Fashion Week 2019. The pale pink bag I styled it with is from PORTO, one of the sponsors at MFWA2019, the jewellery I was wearing is from GABA and the little tiara is actually my daughter’s from a recent shopping spree at Accessorize!





Have you seen the rainbow-colored sandals from ALDO? I thought they are absolutely delightful and gave this look more of colour pop and fun element. Since the top part of the dress is quite fancy with lots of frills, I kept the hair very simple in a neat ponytail. Leaving it down would have been a little OTT ( over the top). Don’t you agree?

It happened to be a very windy day with spurts of rain, but I did not have a plan B for the late hour in the day, and I did not wish to miss the events at Fort St Elmo, so off I went to Fashion Week,  spreading sparkly smiles and rainbow fairy dust on the way!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Romualda, the owner and director at ROMM’s Boutique work for her support all year, and for believing in my visions and what I stand for. Thanks to a wonderful relationship with her and her team, we come up with many looks every week from the four brands her boutique now welcomes for different occasions including events, weddings, fashion shoots and TV too! Thank you all so much. Without you, I would not be where I am today. I would also like to thank all my sponsors and brands I work with all year. I love how we are all working together, and making magic happen in our own special way. That makes me happy and I know you are happy too.





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61107772_731446367272729_1972732346532626432_nGold and Diamonds – Jewellery from GABA 


Day 4 saw a stunning show from GAGLIARDI and one from FIONA COUTURE. Both fabulous. I will share a blog about that with some images soon!
And… Remember says the Crystals Fairy Queen, there is MAGIC around us EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY but If you don’t BELIEVE in it, You will not SEE IT. Open your heart and your eyes to the sparkles that the Universe Blesses us with and the world will be much more fun for all!! Spread joy not hate. Encourage unity not separation. Encourage freedom of expression not suppression. Have fun and enjoy your life more! We are here to learn, to grow and to be good to one another!

Best regards to all today and always,

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