You Are Not Alone – My First Cover Song

Sharing my Experience About Why I Started Singing Lessons

Today is an important day for me. I share my first MUSIC VIDEO with You All : It’s a Cover Version of the song “You are not alone by Michael Jackson” which has taken me a few months to grasp during my lessons.  This year, Alex, a friend who is no longer with us,the Gentle Giant, encouraged me to start singing lessons to help me express my emotions and to open my heart more, to get more in touch with my sensitive self if you will.

The very thought terrified me because it was something I never tried before and I was reallllly scared to start. Me sing?! I can dance and write and tell jokes but sing?! I love music. I cannot live without it and it helps me through everything really. It’s a form of energy and it is a way of expressing oneself too. But singing was something I avoided because I never thought it possible for me to hold a mike and let my emotions out. Anyways, I thought about it long and hard ….and in January I did it, I walked into @la voix studios, spoke to Gillian who is a very special voice coach, and I enrolled.



I am tutored by both Gillian Attard and Charlene Brincat who have been wonderful and extremely supportive especially in March when Aleks passed away and I would crack up into tears in the middle of every love song.

Singing lessons are teaching me sooo much! Apart from being therapeutic and helping me overcome this fear I had from my youth,  it has enabled me to come closer to my more sensitive side which I don’t often express. Many people my strong side not my soft one.The singing, that total concentration and being in the moment, focusing on every breath and word has really challenged me to look deep into myself and to try to let go more.

It has also brought me closer to my daughter who practices songs with me at home and in the bath and who occasionally comes for a lesson too. I have made so many new friends at the school as it is like a little family there. I am a complete beginner at this, a new student, happy to be challenging myself to something new.

As a blogger, influencer I felt I have to share these moments with you because they are real moments and life is not about fashion, travel and work. Life is about experiencing moments, good and bad, learning new things every day and also an opportunity to keep looking inwards into ourselves to see how we can improve, to be better beings.

When I was younger I was soooo afraid of many things because I was so scared of failing – and  instead of working through my fears I would quit before I even started because I was a victim of society.  Today? Oh I think of life differently now especially after becoming a mother and meeting my beautiful husband Marco – blessings in my life and I feel so grateful.  I’m learning that owning each day and using it to live and learn gives me so much more purpose and happiness and I hope that whoever is reading this gets inspired to do more things they love, more things that make them happy.

The message of the video?

1) Life is too short to be afraid. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
2) It’s never too late to start something new
3) Follow your heart. It knows best
4) Ask for help to improve yourself. You are not alone. Honestly, being a student feels wonderful and ask the experts to help you achieve what you cannot do alone.

Here s my first attempt at expressing myself through music. Dedicated to my soul brother Aleks Gruyovski, his family and all the ones who have lost someone dear. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed preparing this video

xxx Grazielle

Messenger of Love – FIRE


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