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These days, especially when out all day, I am all about utility when it comes to my clothing. I want things that not only look great but are functional and suit the day’s requirements.

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When I was in Sicily on holiday in Marina di Ragusa, there was one day in which I wished to spend the morning by the hotel’s pool to sunbathe and swim, I planned to go shopping in the afternoon, followed by dinner right afterwards with the family, but I did not wish to lug around a separate outfit.


You know when you go on holiday, you of course want to change outfits all the time so that they show up different in all the holiday pics but you do not want to carry way too many items in your luggage. On other occasions, it could be that you are invited to a pool party and you want to change for the evening barbecue without making all too much drama about the change of outfit?

Here is the perfect solution to make this work and to surprise your partner and friends. I discovered this two-way dress by Roberto Cavalli from my friends at Rebelli!


During the day, I wore it one way in plain black, very simple, paired it with a pair of snazzy flip flops by Roberto Cavalli and a leopard print beach bag to match the flip flops and off I went to the pool followed by a shopping spree with a stop for ice-cream on the way.





Then, to go out to dinner? Va va voom, turned the dress inside out and released my inner tigress with this sexy but elegant number. Yes it is the same dress but worn inside out! Magnifique! Of course, here I accessorised it with a pair of Roberto Cavalli loop earrings, black patent Michael Kors wedges and this gorgeous black leather Michael Kors bag. Was I ready? Oh yes I was!






I enjoyed a fantastic day with the family and I felt fabulous from the day right through to the evening!




I was wearing:

Dress: Roberto Cavalli @Rebelli
Leopard Print Beach Bag: Roberto Cavalli @Rebelli
Black Leather Bag: Michael Kors @Rebelli
Black wedges: Michael Kors @Rebelli
Flip Flops: Roberto Cavalli @Rebelli
Sunglasses: Dolce e Gabbana
Earrings: Roberto Cavalli @Rebelli

Photography: Marco Ahlgren

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