The Catwalk Ponytail by Balmain Hair Couture

The classic ponytail hairstyle has so many style variations. It’s a fashion statement, and a hairstyle “do” for many occasions—even formal events!

Go ahead, go long. Really long. Everyone is taking their tails to great lengths these days—the longer the better. I love a long ponytail! If you don’t have enough of your own hair to rock a cool, extra long ponytail, consider adding a hairpiece to go the distance. And here’s a handy pro ponytail tip: to tame flyaway hairs around your hairline and keep it neat and sleek, take a small toothbrush, spray it with Balmain hair spray of courseand gently brush back all the little hairs around your hairline. They’ll be tamed instantly.






The Catwalk Ponytail

For this look, Malcolm Theuma and Christine Cortis, both Balmain Hair Salon specialists, decided to use one of the catwalk ponytails. They went for the lighter colour one as my hair is currently quite blonde with all the sun exposure and the fresh highlights on the crown area. They pulled back my hair in a sleek high ponytail, they straightened my hair and in a few minutes added the Balmain Catwalk Ponytail for that extra swag. How do you like the result?

The catwalk ponytail is the best way to create a catwalk worthy ponytail with ultimate length (55 cm) and volume in a few minutes.

The Catwalk Ponytail, developed by backstage stylists, can be considered as the ultimate backstage secret. The amazing ultra long ponytail has been spotted on the runway numerous of times and is one of the biggest hair trends of the year! This is the must have hairpiece to create a natural looking ponytail, made of 100% Memory®Hair, for a quick, easy and fashionable hairdo in less than 1 minute.

• 100% Memory®Hair
• Invisible integration
• Easy to straighten and curl (max. 160ºC/320ºF)

My patterned orange and black outfit is one of the summer designs by Nilara Brand. My lovely makeup was done by MAC Cosmetics at The Point outlet, and a pair of large gold loop earrings.  I’m very happy how the whole look came together so nicely. I felt really comfortable and I was happy to receive hundreds of comments on social media that day, so much so that I decided to keep the whole look for my personal wardrobe, both the outfit and the ponytail!




IMG_1819Malcolm Theuma & Christine Cortis are both qualified Balmain Hair Couture Specialists and Hair Stylists














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Much love and good vibes to you all today and always!

Outfit: NILARA Brand
Make Up: MAC Cosmetics Malta
Hair: Malcolm Theuma& Christine Cortis
Hair Products: Balmain, imported by Beautimport

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