Im interested in crystals. Where do I begin?

Since my journey started with using crystals and gemstones for spiritual, mental and emotional healing, I have started sharing information in some of my previous blog posts found in my World of Crystals section  about how these rocks can bring about healing, how they can help me tune into my intuition, how they can clear emotional blockages, how they can cleanse people and spaces, how they can stimulate creativity and ideas.

I have also been sharing daily posts on Instagram stories to show you how I have been incorporating them in my life with daily meditation and I have now started sharing images of my crystal collections that are looking for new homes and they are now available online, with online shopping via my Instagram page @graziellecamilleri and my Facebook Page Gemstones & Jewellery by GC 40655658_544939309299395_1761035349838004224_n

It is my intention to share my experiences as I go along, as I learn more and more about them and what they re doing to help others – and to thus spread more awareness about these natural gemstones that have been around for millions of years. Crystals have been important in my own healing journey and I use them daily to connect with my intuition, to stimulate my creativity. I have also used them to achieve forgiveness.

It has been incredible to learn how many followers already use them  or they  have expressed curiosity in learning about crystals.  So I find myself answering everyone late into the night,  a whole new journey but very enjoyable and satisfying, alongside my very exciting life – and this is just the beginning!

The question many of you have asked is “How do I get started?” so I will try my best to be more basic in today’s post to answer this question 😉

While there are a wide number of ways to integrate crystals into your life, below are three simple ways to begin (I will continue to post additional suggestions on my blog, so keep checking or subscribe to my newsletter!).





1. Choose crystals you are drawn to. Most of the time you will be attracted to a crystal with the energy and healing properties you actually need, so don’t worry about learning everything about all the crystal’s healing properties before purchasing one or deciding which to work with first. Trust your intuition. It will be fun to learn what it does when you go home and research what it means! There is a common knowledge in the crystal world that “you don’t pick the crystal, the crystal picks you.”

There are gazillions of types of crystals, all beautiful in their own way so if you are truly overwhelmed, try starting with some gentle stones in the quartz family, like rose quartz (pale pink), citrine (dark yellow) or the amethyst (purple).

2. Start with just one or two crystals. I know that it will become tempting to carry a small bag of crystals around with you everywhere you go (I’m guilty of this myself obviously), but if you’re just getting started, I suggest you work with the same one crystal for a few days.

Sites like Maltese Mystic Yogi suggest meditating with the same crystal for 5-15 minutes (the longer the better) for about  four days. During these four days, be aware of any messages and feelings that come through during your meditation.



You Don’t meditate? No worries –another way is to just sit and relax with a crystal in your hand and keep it with you over the course of the four-day period – in your pocket, on your desk at work, your bedside table at night or wear it as jewellery if you have that option …youkind of get the idea. Treat it as a friend, a new companion on your new journey of self awareness.

When the four-day period is over, try doing the same thing with a different crystal to determine what effect it will have on you. Is it helping you to relax or energize you? Is it helping you sleep better or is it helping you be more creative and communicative?

Each crystal’s energy will be totally different and like any other muscle we exercise, this will take some time for you to understand. Patience and belief is everything. When you understand what each crystal does, choose one each morning to carry with you depending on your intention or what you need that day. Some days when I’m not sure what I need, I’ll go with my intuition and select whichever one is calling me.

3. Keep crystals in your work space and your home. Not only are crystals aesthetically beautiful, they have the natural power to bring the right type of vibration to any room they in which they are kept. For instance, amethyst carries immense power to rid spaces of negative energy, making them a great stone to use in any room in your house. Citrine is great for manifesting abundance and prosperity – a perfect stone to keep in your office. We keep both at the entrance to our home.

Keep a  black tourmaline next to your computer monitor to repel electromagnetic smog;Smoky quartz near your bed to alleviate the stresses of the day…there is a crystal for just about everything. If you’re looking for specific healing properties, check out the descriptions for each of these, there are many sites you can Google online. There is also a great book called The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall – look it up and see which crystals recommends. I have a copy in my office!




All these crystals in the images you see are available from me. To access enquiries, message me via Instagram @graziellecamilleri 

I hope to keep spreading more knowledge about many of these topics about crystals in later blog posts, slowly but surely. It is part of my life purpose to spread the use of crystals as part of our wellbeing and healthy habits in a world that is looking for new ways of healing and what better way than to use the help of these beautiful stones made from Mother Earth herself millions of years ago!







In the meantime, please let us know if you have specific questions about getting started and I’ll get back to you with some advice. You can post questions in the comments section here or on my dedicated FACEBOOK PAGE mentioned below.

Love and light to all xxx


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