Day 1 at #MFWA2017 – Demons, ballerinas, Maltese domes and mystical branches

Yesterday was Day 1 of #MFWA2017. What a great feeling to be back at it with other fellow bloggers to witness the hard work of hundreds of people. As one of the main Media Team I will be attending all the runway shows throughout the week as well as visit all the exhibitions so stay tuned for daily updates and reports from me at and please do check out all my daily Instagram Stories!  Currently you will see all that went on during last nights’ shows! Instagram @graziellecamilleri


Lead Make-Up artist: Elaine Galea
Assisted by: Karen Decelis, Claire Grech, Leonie Buhagiar, Henry Galea, Moni Torok
Lead Hair Stylist: Flavia Attard
Assisted by: Katleen Saliba, Adrian Attard, Gary Westacott, Bernice Catania


Designed for the women who are typically unique, La Cupola as its name implies draws inspiration from the Mosta Dome skyline and Neo Classical period and brings a number of interesting designs and fabrics. Simple sophistication with a touch of street style.

The Fashion Show included a number of designs in black and white with accents of dark blues and gold and bronze. One particular white dress showed a Maltese skyline hand painted on it. We saw a selection of black and white classic designs manipulated with interesting textures. There were playsuits, high waisted boxy pants, leather, knitwear and towards the end white and gold. We also were treated to some unique pieces which incorporated other fabrics such as fur and perforated materials.

Make up was gorgeous and the hair in this fashion show was very intricate. I liked the high buns theme that ran throughout and the grand pieces which showed some elaborate weaving. On one particular model, the hair was designed to take the shape of a day hat. It must have taken Flavia and her team over 3 hours to do it and that is just for one hair do. Wow!

These images I chose are of some of the pieces that I liked the most! Well done Rosemarie!

Photos: Justin Ciappara






This year Malta Fashion Week welcomes local jewellery designer Yana Azzopardi. She proudly launches a new collection called “Mystical Branches”, inspired by some of Gustav Klimpt’s works, mainly his famous mural known as “The Tree of Life”. Trees may look similar but no branch or texture are identical. They grow and become unique in their own ways.

Her previous collections were statement pieces with stones from the orient. This collection is totally different from her usual style. Displayed in a unique way, displayed on a large metal structure shaped like a large tree, we were treated to an exhibition of some truly gorgeous items that varied in colour schemes and set up. We can see Yana’s creative streak in her use of eccentric rope designs in various colours and thicknesses with the gold wire-wrapping, intertwined with different bead textures and fabric signifying the tree’s spiralling details. In this collection Yana sends a message “No matter how different we all can be, we all belong in one universe and share our unique individuality.” Loved this collection Yana. Brava!

Photos: Ronald Camilleri

yanas 1

yanas 2

yanas 3

yanas 4


Lead Makeup Artist: Moises
Assisted by Kelly Cassar Torreggiani and Christine Gauci
Lead Hairstylist: Bernice Catania
Assisted by: Katleen Saliba, Flavia Attard, Adrian Attard and Gary Westcott

This presentation by Sarah Caruana Dingli introduced with a little dance by a graceful ballerina in a white and gold tutu and very strong makeup was a little teaser of what this collection was about – The paradox of elegance, self-confidence and beauty combined with the strength and stamina of practise, like a dancer who has to constantly practise to improve her quality of performance.

The collection featured a mixture of pastel colours, some black leather and prints, and ribbons with incorporated dark tones to create an edgy yet elegant collection. We saw short skirts in silky metallic materials, crop tops with silk trousers and a few street style combinations combined with cocktail type dresses.

Hair and makeup was interesting in this presentation in that the hair styling like all the styles and the contrasting texturess dos was all different and created to go with each outfit. My favourite dress was the pale silver one with the sparkly top. Hope to see some more pieces by Sarah as this one left me wanting more! Thank you for this presentation Sarah.

Photos: Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani

pas de deux 2

pas de deux 3

pas de deux 4

pas de deux 5


Lead makeup artist: Elaine Galea
Assisted by: Rodianne Caruana, Henry Galea, Petra Abdilla, Moni Torok, Martina Bezzina, Fabienne Bezzina, Christine Gauci, Marilyn Caruana, Kelly Cassar Torreggiani, Marilyn Montanaro, Marina Muscat, Cristina Moncholi, Christelle Lays.
Lead hairstylist: Gary Westcott
Assisted by: Katleen Saliba, Flavia Attard & team, Adrian Attard

This was one fantastic show! On the first day of Malta’s Fashion Week, NILARA presented a flamboyant, devilish-themed collection with the name Unforgiven. Now that I know Nilay Camilleri, what does she mean by Unforgiven? In a world that is constantly challenging our every thought, our every dream, our every hope of being free, free to be independent, daring and unashamed to be different.

Vigorously talented, with a rebellious indifference to fashion’s pretentious and high-brow culture, Nilay’s Collections the conventional and go against the norm, forever challenging our perception of fashion.

We saw lots and lots of totally intriguing designs in satin, lots of satin in black and red. The devilish and somewhat provocative theme ran from beginning to end accompanied by appropriate music which set the mood. The models chosen and co-ordinated by Marisa Grima certainly suited this collection. Well done Nilay! Once again you managed to blow my mind and got my heart racing!

Photos: Joseph Lungaro

nilara no 1

nilara no 2

nilara no 3

nilara no 4

nilara no 5

nilara no 6

Thank you also for the wonderful formal crop top and skirt I was wearing! To see a full blog post about my outfit of the night click HERE!

Day 1 over and 5 to go! #MFWA2017 #MaltaFashionWeek2017

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