Crystals – What can they do for me?

Hello beautiful souls. Hope you are well and in good spirits. I send you warm greetings and good vibes! I’ve been overwhelmed with your reactions and feedback about the first introductory blog I released a couple of weeks ago called “crystals and their healing powers”. It has certainly seeded some curiosity or hit some strings with hundreds of existing and new followers wishing to learn more about them, their potential, and how I have started using them in my daily rituals as part of my well-being alongside my health and fitness regimes. You are also seeing in my Instagram Story videos @graziellecamilleri how on different days, I am using different stones in my hands or worn as jewellery for different purposes and personal intentions. So here is my second post.

Every single person I know wants an amazing life. Everyone wants peace, happiness, love, money. Everyone wants more security and a feeling of more stability. Do you know and accept the fact that every single one of these things is a form of energy? Then you are on to something and you will find this information about crystals and gemstones more interesting.



What can crystals do for me you will ask?

Well, if you’re just beginning to use crystals and healing gemstones, a great way to connect to their healing power is by using them for manifesting your intentions and what you want to create in your life. When it comes to crystal fundamentals, these rocks connect us to the Earth because they are tangible, physical forms that have powerful vibrations.

This energy continues to connect with you when you wear these intention crystals close to the skin, when you carry them in your bag or place them in your environment, when you use them during your meditation time. With every thought and intention, these crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes and thoughts that you are nurturing.

In this exciting world of vibrations, crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth. Why are you here? Why has the universe brought you to the point where you are right now? Where should you be heading? Are you on the right track? A well thought out intention is the starting point for healing crystals because specific intentions instilled into your daily thought patterns also become part of its energy.



Few Types of crystal quartzes and their uses

There are about 40 different types of crystal quartzes all working with different energies. To mention a few will give us an idea of what one can find to work with. All of them have different healing energies.

Elestial quartz crystals, Faden quartz, Generator quartz, Laser wand quartz, Sceptre quartz, Singing quartz, Tabby quartz, Aqua Aura quartz, Citrine, Smokey quartz, Rose quartz, amtheyst, Blue quartz, Dendritic quartz, Harlequin quartz, Phantom quartz, Lavender quartz, Satyalokas, Azeztulites, Azozeos, Herkimer diamonds, Chlorite Himalayan quartz, Rutilated quartz, Strawberry quartz, Tourmalinated quartz and many others.

Since a quartz crystal produces a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions, it also known to cancel the harmful effect of radiation and radioactivity. Whenever worn or carried, it acts as a physical and mental energiser; it enhances and protects the atmosphere and provides for amplification of the energy field of the body. If a piece is worn close to the neck, it can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and can also help with the respiratory problems such as congestion and sore throat. If worn over the heart, it can stimulate the thymus and can increase the efficiency of both the immune system. A single piece of quartz crystal carried on one’s person or placed in one’s environment will assist in maintaining balance, energy and protection.





How do I choose a crystal?

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years by various civilisations, so there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been handed down from generation to generation. Once you know the crystal basics, use your gutt feeling to choose the right healing stones for your spiritual journey.

Crystal experts often tell you that the crystal chooses you and it’s not the other way around. Walk around the room or browse the internet and see what crystals stand out to you. Whether it’s the dazzling colors or their amazingly interesting shapes and patterns that draw you in, each crystal has a unique vibrational energy that works to clear blockages and ward off negative energy. A healing stone can cost from a little as €3 up to thousands of euros depending on size, quality and rarity.

Finding the right stone is like any practice of wellness, like acquiring an exercise or nutritional regime. It requires a lot of patience while you quiet the mind and realign the mind/body balance. Hold the stone in your hand and quietly think of your intention, what you wish to do, to achieve. Notice if you feel sensations such as hot or cold, pulsations, or calmness and tranquility. These are all signs that this particular rock is perfect for your healing needs.



Which stones can be used for what?

For example, to bring abundance into your life, citrine crystals (yellow in colour) are known helps you manifest your dreams by channeling the positive vibrations of the sun. Carnelian (red in colour) on the otherhand is a powerful crystal to get your creative juices flowing. If you have difficulty letting go of old ideas that are no longer serving you, Black Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone for releasing unwanted patterns that may have turned into bad habits. It helps release all the negative energy in your body and within your energy field. This stone also serves as a stone for protection, which is essential if you’re the type of person that easily picks up on other people’s energy. Hematite (normally grey) is great for deflecting the negative moods of others by grounding you and reconnecting your spirit to the energy of the Earth.

If you are looking to have more tranquility and calm in your life, amethyst (purple) is one of the best intention crystals for relieving stress and bringing balance back into your life. Another gemstone that helps balance out emotions is moonstone, which gives you support when you’re feeling overly emotional or out of touch with your feelings. Rose quartz is helptful for your emotional well being because it opens and realigns the heart energies, which magnifies feelings of self-love and the unconditional love towards others.






So, brothers and sisters, whether you’re seeking out gemstones for their physical beauty or to bring peace and tranquility into your life, they all work to increase your vibrational frequency. If you feel good when you hold the crystal in your hand or have it touching your skin, get ready for opportunity to enjoy this ancient healing art.

I can go on for hours, but I will stop here today and continue with another blog some other time. Hope you enjoyed this feature in our new Crystals section and I hope you will tune in every so often to learn more and to see what other content I have been sharing on my page. Please give me your feedback and tell me what you wish to know? Would you like me to focus on certain types of crystals? How to take care of them? How to use them? I’d love to help you and learn more myself from experts.

Once again I would like to thank gem specialist Mr Louis Cachia Savona at GemstonesMalta for all his patience and guidance in my journey of discovery with these beautiful stones, creations have been around millions of years before us and will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Sending you good wishes for a peaceful life, today and always.

Love xxx



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