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I ve been super busy and have had my hands full the past month juggling so many things, including my new adventure as Brand Ambassador and Distributor for TS Life wellbeing products. I m learning so much while coping with all the challenges that are being presented. I hope you are OK and that your families are safe and in good health.

It’s interesting how lifestyle affects your eating habits. When under stress, some tend to reduce food intake while others are prone to attacking the refrigerator too often, to then realise a few months later, that they would have gained a few unwanted extra pounds, which then affect their self esteem and self confidence.

One thing to do is to focus on Loving Yourself and finding that energy to do something to get your Boost Back. If it means, cleansing your body and losing that weight gained, well go for it, set your goal and make the first steps.

Today I d like to put a spotlight on this product called CLENZ by TS Life.

The Standout Product of 2020

This product is epic.

Do you need a real boost in your weight loss? Have you hit a weight loss standstill and it’s really not budging and you’ve tried everything?⠀






A 5 Day Intense Burst of Plant Power

Designed for maximum effectiveness in conjunction with our 5 Day Shred Plan, this is the must have product for any nutrition journey.

Get a clean slate with this 5 day ready to drink plant based powerhouse. ClenZ uses plant based nutrients to reboot your digestion. It is a 5 day tune up that’s high in friendly fiber and rich in nutrition boosting plants! Find your rebalance and feel cleaner, a little lighter, and totally back on track.

It’s important to be good to your insides. Your digestive system can be worn down by stress, anxiety, overindulgence, processed foods, and even general, day-to-day activities.

Using ClenZ routinely, is the perfect way to maintain a healthy digestive balance and find a fresh start. Add to your healthy body routine and program to kickstart your journey.



– Moringa

– Nettle

– Dandelion

– Peppermint

– Fenugreek

– Psyllium

– Prune

– Ginger

– Pineapple

INGREDIENTS : Water, stabiliser : glycerin, concentrated plum juice (flavouring), pineapple extract, psyllium extract, hibiscus extract, peppermint extract, dandelion extract, texturing agent: acacia and xanthan gum, artichoke extract, acid: citric acid, moringa extract, chicory extract, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, fennel extract, nettle extract, ginger extract




-Not recommended if you are pregnant/breastfeeding
– Individual results vary depending upon metabolism of each person
-Our products do not claim to treat , cure illnesses & disease. If you are allergic to any ingredients , under medical supervision or taking any medications then always consult with your Dr / Consultant prior to consumption aid

TO ORDER CLENZ bottles and get advice on a 5 day, 10 day or 15 day plan, Message Me on Facebook or Instagram.

Im here to assist you on your journey of Self Love!



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