The Colours of Sicily

Fashion brings people together. Last month, as I related in My Previous Travel Blog, I was blessed to have visited the pretty town of Trapani in Sicily with 3 friends – Lara, Marija and Kirsten. They are all lovely ladies who are interested in fashion and travel and beauty, so I was delighted when they were interested to join me on this weekend trip with Blog by Grazielle . It was a project I designed as a test, intended to bring people together in the name of fashion and exploration, relaxation and empowerment. I personally enjoyed their company very much and this trip was so enjoyable as we all got on so well and we all went back home from the trip with beautiful memories, new ideas and most of all new friendships.

Clothing: United Colors of Benetton, PAMA Malta
Photography: Ron Kerr Imagery






Sicily has become a destination increasingly sought out by visitors, and has much historical and cultural heritage thanks to the passage of the Greeks, Romans, Normans and Arabs that have made this fascinating area a foundation and focal point for the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean. Visiting this land of myth and history can easily have a profound effect on travellers, including myself – every time I visit. Sicily is overflowing with history, nature and traditions. As the quote by the German poet and scriptwriter Goethe goes, “Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul: here is the key to everything.”






Sicilian colours breathe of the Mediterranean – yellow, red, turquoise, green – all bright and happy and bold. These colours are what inspired me to organise this surprise photoshoot for the girls during our ladies trip. With clothing and accessories in a collaboration with BENETTON, we set out to have some fun together with our guest photographer Ron Kerr.






The region can constantly surprise visitors with its idyllic scenery, full of charm and furrowed by mountains and hills that meet the blue and crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea, overflowing with unique and intense aromas and flavours. I always say that one visit to Sicily is never enough. This beautiful land enters into the hearts of people thanks to the warmth that is not only in the weather, but also the smiles of the people who live here.








It is almost impossible to overlook the gastronomic and relaxation factor too: when talking about Sicily, you have to mention the cannoli, the Sicilian cassata, the meat tagliata as well as the gelato, the sun and the sea! In the coastal areas you will find delicious fish and seafood including sublime preparations made from mackerel, swordfish, tuna and cod. The sea also offers other products such as fish that accompany floured and fried pasta with tomato, as well as other delicious dishes made from lobster, shrimp and octopus. Inland restaurants prefer vegetables, cheeses, eggs and meat, and how can I not mention Palermo, where you can find the famous arancini, cannoli and cassata, or the couscous in Trapani.


The looks I styled on the ladies are very easy to wear. Bright and colourful, casual and comfortable for the woman who loves to enjoy splashes of colour in her life. No fuss. Just colourful. Clothes made for humans as Benetton’s marketing slogan implies in the recent campaigns and the girls felt extremely comfortable in them. Well the photos kind of speak for themselves.

We had a bonding experience during this shoot. I have to say that this particular day it was very cold and extremely windy and it had rained in the morning. Instead of cancelling the shoot, our driver Giovanni drove towards the opposite side to where we were in the morning and to our pleasant surprise, we came across a sunny spot with some very pretty and picturesque beaches, seaside locations that blew us all away. One of those cases of “It was meant to be and the universe brought us to these places” for the sake of a great blog post haha.



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I would here like to thank you ladies for being such sports, for accepting the challenge and to Ron for managing to work with us so well to capture these shots for us that we will all treasure for a long time to come. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Lots of good vibes your way!


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Tops: United Colours of BENETTON, Pama Shopping Complex
Bags: United Colours of BENETTON, Pama Shopping Complex
Earrings: Primadonna Collection



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