Spirit Science Videos about Crystals

Hi everyone!

Last year, when I started using crystals in my daily routine by meditating with them, wearing them as jewellery and sharing some with my closest friends and family, we immediately felt the benefits.

So I started researching online and the best videos I came across with visual and factual explanations creating by a bunch of people including doctors and scientists,  with a mission to educate society about these gems, were the ones by Spirit Science.net. I am listing them here for you in one Blog so that if you too are interested to broaden your knowledge about them, and dig deeper than the surface, they are here in one post so you can return to watch them when you have some free time.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

“It’s time that Crystals began to help us change the world and raise our frequencies to a higher place of light and love. By sharing crystals with each other, burying them in sacred places, doing ceremonies or just leaving them around in public areas, we can begin to bring intense rays of love and healing to each other and the planet!”
Spirit Science


Spirit Science – The Crystals Movie

Spirit Science 13_2 Crystal Uses.

Spirit Science ~ Crystal Uses (2/4)

Spirit Science – Crystals Finale

Types of Crystals

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