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A fashion blog in collaboration with Max & Co at Dizz Group Malta

In my previous fashion blog with Max & Co, I shared three casual smart looks. Your fave was the one with the yellow fluorescent coat and jeans by your poll votes! In this blog, I’m stepping it one notch in the elegance factor with outfits to be worn to your next social event, party or perhaps Christmas staff party?

Here are a couple of ideas on how to wear some items that when you see them on the shop floor rack, you would never think they fit so gorgeously when worn. So, ladies, always try things on because when they sit on your body and you can see them with your skin tone and body shape, it’s always a different story!

In my case, when I saw the red silk dress hanging, I immediately had a panic attack because I thought that without a bra, it would look terrible on me, BUT when I wore it, it fit like a glove and walking with it down the Valletta streets in broad daylight to shoot these lovely photos with award-winning photographer Bernard Polidano, I felt extremely comfortable and had a blast capturing these pics!







Yes, carve an elegant silhouette with this long, stretchy red silk satin dress with thin shoulder straps and criss-cross lace fastening on the back. Styled with a gorgeous coat, you will be sure to make a great impression.

The pink outft with the silk shirt, pleated skirt and jacket is for a more demure, classy occasion such as a luxury fashion launch or a corporate social event or perhaps an afternoon tea with some beautiful ladies. Wherever you go, this combination exudes finesse and a love for that soft confidence which I find very attractive as much as I do an aggressive passionate red approach.







Hope you enjoyed this fashion blog post with two looks by Max & Co. These items are obviously just in at the retail outlet in Valletta situated next door to the epic Caffe Cordina.

Love to all




Outfits: Max & Co @ Dizz Group @Dizz Fashion
Make Up: Janice Baldacchino
Hair: Christine @ Stylistics
Photography: Bernard Polidano

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