MilanoDays – It’s Fashion Week Time!

It’s that time of the year again when I prepare to do one thing I love – attending Milan’s Fashion Week! There are always some amazing Italian fashion brands showing there and off the runways, all the shops in the center like GUCCI, Dolce e Gabbana and Versace to name a few are all at their very best performance and appearance with gorgeous window displays showing latest collections. Also very well geared to speak to the press and bloggers even off the runways, it is so inspiring to visit the shops to and apart from do some shopping, you can just observe and inhale the beauty that exudes from these fashion lines. This weekend we will be attending a myriad of fashion shows and exhibitions so stay tuned to my Social Media Pages Instagram @graziellecamilleri and Facebook for updates and surprise interactive competitions giving you the chance to win some lovely things too!



There are always a million other things to do in the year, between work and things to do for the house and the family, but when it comes to Fashion Month decisions, I decided to pick Milan again and this is my 4th time because it is so inspiring and a great experience for me as a blogger and media person. Of course, I would have loved to be in New York as well because I believe that style-wise I would “fit in” perfectly fine but budgets and business commitments didn’t allow it. We pay for our flights and accommodations and many of our outfits so can’t do it all. Maybe when I reach a million followers and have some travel sponsors then, that will be another story 😉

Why do I attend?

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I feel it is important to invest time and energy into attending Fashion Weeks because they keep me in the loop when it comes to fashion house trends off the runway a good 6 months prior to their release in the stores. I am committed to my followers to give fresh and interesting content that is not about me but about brands they can get some inspiration from. They also see me in a different ambiance through Instagram being in a different country yet just being myself and working at what I do best – sharing my stories, my journey.
Thirdly, Fashion Weeks are a place to work hard for new contacts in the field and for new followers. There I meet other bloggers from across the globe, established designers after their shows, new and upcoming designers in design schools who will be the future of Milan Fashion Week.


I do my best to come up with interesting personal styles with a bit of oomph to hopefully catch the attention of some street style photographers and fashion photographers who are there for contact. When contact details are exchanged and my photo with my name or Instagram name appears in foreign magazines or fashion Instagram pages, my followings and ratings shoot up.

Also be being there during a Fashion Week which is followed by millions, using the particular hashtags like #MFW2018 and #MilanFashionWeek, I get thousands of new real organic followers who then start to follow my stories and keep following me for the rest of the year. From Malta alone, followers don’t keep increasing on your social media pages unless you go international and make an extra effort to step out and earn their trust because they like your style or your character – so this fact is very important!

So . .. Nah it’s not all fun and games but a lot of hard work. There is a lot of admin preparation before the event and also it takes me two to three weeks to put the styles together, in between my normal schedule as an entrepreneur and a career mum.

Anyways, enough chatter, just wanted to give you my little insight now that we are boarding the plane in a few hours. When I say we, I mean me and my blogger friends Denis Aljush. You know by now from some other fashion weeks and events, that we understand and respect each other very much and we support each other and have a lot of fun together. I get him and I love his fashion sense and together we make a great team at making new contacts. Hard work seems to pay off so let’s go and work hard.





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Goes to many people need to be mentioned and I hope I remembered everyone here:

My friend and hairdresser Michelle and her team at Mixa’s for my hair colour and keeping my hair in ship shape.

Sue and Justine at Beauty Inc and Niumee for sponsoring my nails all year round.

Marion Camilleri at Academie Wellness Clinic for all the skincare and treatments in the past 3 months thus keeping my skin looking amazing.

Brown’s Pharmacies for many make up and laser treatments throughout the year.

Vision Opticians for the exciting range of top fashion designer shades you will see during Milan Fashion Week and all other events I attend.

Porto Handbags and Accessories at Portomaso for some lovely bags and accessories that you will see.

Tresemme Malta for sending me a huge box of products to test.

ViragAndersson Jewellery who has custom made some jewellery to match some outfits from local designers.

Fashion Designer RitienneZammit.

Fashion Designer Fiona Vella.

Inglot makeup for the new exclusive JLO Collection.

Balmain hair products for the travel kit.

Gemstones & Jewellery by GC for the crystals that will be accompanying me on this journey for their first time!

Thank you to all my followers for their support and love!

Last but not least, big thanks goes to my husband for all his encouragement and moral support. Without you, these trips would not be possible and easy going. Love you and ever so grateful to have you in my life!


Love xxx

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