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Hello My Friends! Hope you are feeling well and excited about the summer months, which always bring so much amazing energy and present us with the opportunity to create more beautiful memories with people we love and care about. Whether it’s strolling on a sandy beach, eating a simple ice cream in peace with our children or having a lavish barbecue with friends, summer feels lighter and more joyful. It is also the time for us to enjoy beach or pool time so we always need some new swimming costume to wear!

This year I m so pleased to have been approached by this local company Lumija (Lemon in Maltese), to showcase a few of their pieces on the blog to share with my followers across the globe, because these swimming suits inare – of course – available online in their shop

Photos: Branko Stoilov
Location: Cugo Gran Macina Grand Harbour Pool Terrace Malta
Hair: Christine Cortis, Stylistics
Make Up: Janice Baldacchino
Jewellery: Gemstones & Jewellery by GC






The Samantha Top is a triangle bikini top designed to flatter the larger range of cup sizes. It has a tall cup which will help with more coverage, while still accentuating the cleavage. It has fully adjustable shoulder and back straps. It is thoughtfully designed to give you minimal tan lines.





I shared this pic on Facebook and Instagram @graziellecamilleri this week and the response was just incredible! I received so many messages from so many people complimenting me for my bikini look, for my social media influence and are rooting for my success in my business ventures. It means so much to me when people take time from their day to reach out to say thank you for being an inspiration to them!
Never thought Id feel so good modelling bikinis at my ripe age of 46, but then again, feeling good has no age right and feeling good in your skin, despite the few imperfections from human life and time, is totally Ok. We must love these imperfections as our own. Perfection is just an idea that social media and too much photoshopping has created over time. It s time we accept ourselves more the way we are. That is being authentic.


Necklace: Aqua Aura crystal on silver – Gemstones & Jewellery by GC



About Lumija Swim

Lumija Swim was founded in 2021 by the sea and summer lover, final year medical student, designer Nicolette Busuttil. Her ambition and vision was to establish a women’s swimwear line that embraced and enhanced the beautiful curves – that is why their sizes go up to UK size 14 and they will continue to expand to more voluptuous sizes in their future collections.

This is her very  first collection  inspired by the sandy beaches of Malta and clear Mediterranean Sea! Wow what a debut!

With every piece carefully designed in Malta, and best quality Lycra/Spandex material sourced from Italy, all their garments are hand made with care and stitched to perfection by the most talented and ethically driven manufacturing company. Their  focus is on quality.

Having worn these personally and looked at them closely, I can vouch that the quality of these products is excellent and keeps everything in place, if you know what I mean 😉

I’m personally a bikini girl, coz I dont like to have a white belly and I feel too hot wearing a full costume all day, but I love the style of these full body suits and I see myself wearing them at some pool party.

My favourite is the gorgeous bikini in fact! In these photos, I styled it with jewellery from my Online Shop – earrings, bracelet and matching necklace from the shells collection.

What do you think of this swimwear? The high cuts, the colour combinations?

Let me know in the comments below or on my socials and look forward to see many people wearing them!

Much Love







The Anna one Piece costume offers a sexy one piece, with the highest, more daring cut in the collection. The design accentuates the waist. It has a sporty finish with a  built in tummy control spandex material.

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Pyrite Crystal Pendant from my latest collection >>





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