Lebanese Nights Every Friday at The Hotel AX The Palace Malta

Hi everyone! As you know, every month I enjoy exploring new restaurants to share with you here on the Blog. Last week, I have had the immense pleasure to experience the Lebanese night at The Hotel AX The Palace in Malta and here is some information and pictures!

Like most Middle Eastern cuisines, Lebanese food is based on that of ancient Levant, a region that includes Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Israel and modern day Lebanon. Lebanese restaurants all over the world serve hummus, falafel and tabbouleh, while international chefs put their own, trendy spin on classic dishes. I am a foodie with a penchant for all things spicy and tangy so Lebanese cuisine is right up my alley.

The Hotel AX The Palace in Sliema takes pride in serving traditional Lebanese food created from the freshest meat and vegetables every Friday night. Locals tend to return regularly, which is a good sign, meaning that the food quality and value for money are excellent. Beyond the usual fare of warm or cold dishes and assorted grilled meats, here’s the chance to try something truly exotic.

53525861_626276617815174_2457167931256078336_nDress: Mangano           Purse: Charles & Ron 

The Palace 005Captured in the lobby of the hotel with my husbaand Marco, Tjasa and Janice

The Palace 006

The Palace 019

I arrived at 7.30 pm with my husband, we parked in the hotel’s Car Park and took the elevator up to meet our friends Janice, Tjasa, Dave and Mariella in the hotel lobby. After a few selfies and Instagram Stories, we proceeded to sit at our assigned table at the restaurant situated on the ground floor. The décor with its red walls and soft lighting made it very warm and comfy and thus set the tone for a lovely evening.

This Lebanese Night is a buffet so you can serve yourself to as little or as much as you like, and I assure you that there is so much to choose from that I found it so difficult to decide which items to taste! From starters to the dessert section, the divine culinary choices are endless!

To give you an idea of what we tried, we started with an array of Lebanese antipasti, natural salads, smoked fish, meats and shellfish and more accompanied by flavoured oils, sauces and dips. Some of us tried the soups for starters while others tried the Lebanese pastries. My personal favourite mains were the grilled kebabs and the marinated fish, but everyone else had their own favourites. I ll let the photos speak the truth 😉

All this was enjoyed in good company with my friends in a 5 star service restaurant. When you are in great company, the entire experience is all the more enjoyable and I m grateful every time we manage to coordinate one of these food tasting events. I would like to share the menu that I took off the hotel website together with their contact information in case you wish to book one of the coming Fridays!

The Palace 008

The Palace 009

The Palace 010

The Palace 012

The Palace 013

The Palace 014

The Palace 015

The Palace 016

The Palace 018

The Palace 020

The Palace 021

The Palace 025

The Palace 026We were given a selection of wines to choose from. Thank you for the great service!

The Palace 031

The Palace 032

The Palace 043

The Palace 034

The Palace 037

The Palace 041

The Palace 039

I certainly enjoyed this experience and highly recommend it to everyone who wishes to enjoy a taste of Lebanese cuisine in a great ambiance.

Best regards to all



The Palace 042

The Palace 045

The Palace 047

The Palace 048

The Palace 50

TRhe Palace 024




Adults €27.50, Children (5-12yrs) €12.00


An array of Lebanese antipasti, natural salads, smoked meats, marinated, smoked fish and shellfish and more accompanied by dressing, flavoured oils and sauces


Lebanese delicatessen including pies, delights, fried pastries and more, accompanied by fruit coulis



A Middle Eastern lentil soup flavoured with fresh parsley, cumin and turmeric

Shorba Arabiya

Lamb and pasta soup with onions and tomatoes flavoured with coriander



Baked Pasta with minced lamb, onions and white sauce


CarvinShawerm Chicken

Grilled marinated chicken with lemon juice, cumin, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon and red-pepper


Grilled minced Lamb kebab

Shish Tawook

Grilled chicken kebabs with onions and peppers


Marinated fish cooked in tomato sauce and dill


Lamb cubes with dried fruits and honey


Stuffed marrows with rice

Khalta Rice

Plain rice cooked with raisins, nuts, almonds and cinnamon powder


with vegetables and tomato sauce


A variety of hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses served with water biscuits, grissini, homemade chutneys, nuts and grapes


For any further information required give the team at The Palace Hotel a call on Tel. no.: 2133 3444
or email them with your reservations on frontdesk.palace@axhotelsmalta.com

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