Instant Volume and Length Balmain Double Hair Extensions

A collaboration with Balmain hair extensions specialist Sanja at Egalite Hair & Beauty Salon

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I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have my hair taken care of by professionals in the hair industry. I love to take care of my hair but sometimes I lack ideas or the know how to create those special looks that make all the difference in both my blogs and my other apprearances on TV or special events. Since summer last year, I have been blessed to be working with various hair technicians and educators who work with top world haircare products by BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE and you have seen so many styles and hair changes thanks to Christine Cortis and Malcolm Theuma who still do many looks and hair colour changes for me. I’m a selected brand ambassador for Malta.

Photos: Marin Babanov


Sanja Milutinovic at Egalite Hair & Beauty Salon – Hair Extensions Specialist for Balmain Malta

5X8A3407My Look to attend the Malta Music Awards 2020 with fresh hair extensions – Dress: Nina Covaci Malta


This month my career spotlight goes to another very talented hair stylist educator and salon owner located in Fgura Malta. I’m talking about Sanja, the powerhouse at Egalite’ Hair & Beauty Salon! From our very first ambitious project – a full hair extensions project –  using BALMAIN HAIR extensions, she really showed me how amazing she is at her work and how dedicated she is to all her clients. So much love and good energy every time I meet her.

In this blog I would like to try to explain what she did for me and let the images do the rest. The entire process took about 4 hours in total, including the preparation, hair wash, trim, application and after cut.

What are DoubleHair Extentions by Balmain?

The DoubleHair extensions are a unique system made of the highest quality 100% Human Hair. The Treatment contains 10 prebonded fill-in extensions and 5 hand tied Double Hair wefts. Each weft contains three layers of hair which allow you to create instant volume and length with a minimum number of applications. To ensure invisible integration and comfortable wearing, the wefts are fastened under a layer of extension hair with either clips, rings or keratin bonds. One pack equals a full volume treatment. We used two packs.

Pack Contains: 10pcs prebonded fill-in extensions, 5 pcs DoubleHair wefts ( length 40 cm), 2 clips attached to each weft, 30 separate bonds, 1 stitch ripper, 5 organizers


5X8A2966Balmain hair extensions are imported by Beautimport Ltd Malta


DoubleHair Extensions Treatment

DoubleHair is a reusable weft extensions system made of 100% Human Hair. The wefts of the DoubleHair Treatment are manually woven and therefore significantly smaller then machine made wefts. Sanja used her special tools using a technique by Balmain to apply them to the hair in a way that they do not damage the natural root of the hair and scalp and they can be re used after a few months!

The ultra slim wefts provide more natural body and volume and allow for easy and invisible integration. DoubleHair extensions are easy to maintain, natural looking layered weft pieces that add instant length and volume. The strips can be applied using clips, soft rings or keratin bonds. One strip of DoubleHair is the equivalent of around 18 individual extensions. The 10 prebonded fill-in extensions are included in the treatment to create extra volume near the hairline or parting.

Balmain Hair Couture offers a unique 6 months’ quality guarantee on all 100% Human Hair extensions when using the Balmain Professional Aftercare range which is also available from all leading Balmain Hair Salons.





DoubleHair Treatment is perfect for volume and lengthening treatments. Suitable for all hair types. My natural hair is very fine and lacks that thickness required for large curl looks so these extensions really help me achieve more looks, thickness and length instantly.

Backstage Secret by Sanja for my total look:

Sanja placed extra fill-in extensions near the natural hairline to create extra volume on top.













I’m evidently super pleased with the result. Thank you Sanja for this amazing work and our new exciting collaborations planned this year. I also look forward to creating more styles and experimenting more with all the Balmain Team in Malta. Next up will be their Balmain party coming up at the end of March 2020 so stay tuned to my socials on both Instagram and Facebook too!

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you all!



Egalite Hair & Beauty Salon 71, Winstin Levanzin Il-Fgura, Malta 

Tel  9913 3515

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