How to use crystals and gemstones

Hi! It’s me again. Hola! I send you lots of good vibes and smiles your way. Today I’d like to talk about crystals and gemstones. Whenever we need inspiration to project our intentions, help us believe in whatever we want to achieve or look for something to assist us with being creative through our innate selves, crystals, minerals and gemstones are a great tool that can render a sense of muse and mindfulness through their ancient and well documented therapeutic benefits.

Their intangible energy fields are also said to create benefits which are inherently present in all their forms, shapes and sizes, which can range from the size of a boulder to a minute pea. Large or small, polished or raw and organic, palm stones, tumbled stones, pendants, paper weights, necklaces, earrings, rings etc.. the list goes on and on. These stones & crystals have a purpose in and for everything, it’s just a matter of finding out first and foremost what you are attracted to and then it’s up to you to pick gemstones that inspire your tastes or colours to complement your life. Interestingly, you will be drawn to what you may be aligning to.

Through the book called “The crystal bible” which can be bought online from Amazon or other fab shopping sites, you can always look up the gemstone that you are drawn to and find out what benefit it has to offer to the space you want it for. Whether home, office or as an accessory to complement an outfit with its lustre. Little by little you will start to learn what they do and you will start to love them!




My aim of sharing this information as I am learning about them is to raise awareness of these natural stones that have been here for millions of years and have been used by so many different civilisations before us. They are truly special and useful when used with the best of intentions in mind. We need to learn more about them and teach this information to our children, because they will benefit from more health and wellbeing for future generations to come.

One can think of these mystical rocks as an unusual looking piece of art in their raw and organic form. Some of us may simply like to admire their beauty or have the inherent desire to arrange these geological gemstones in their homes to embellish their environments. These natural rocks can be placed randomly anywhere, thus creating a warmer atmosphere with their presence. For example salt lamps have been well documented to posses numerous health benefits that can enhance the respiratory functions and smooth out insommniac patterns.





However, if you want to be more precise and get the best out of your stones and crystals, research information online or if in Malta you can ask Louis from Gemstones Malta to help you work out a proper grid with the appropriate crystals for what you are trying to cultivate within your home, heart & life.

Today, I will be sharing a household or office desk SECRET GARDEN which makes for an eye catching centre piece for a desk or dining or coffee table. The Secret Garden can be placed where you might enjoy rearranging & cleaning it often from dust, adding to it or removing crystals as you go along depending on how you choose to interact with it.

Directions-how to prepare it:

All you need is a shallow bowl, some clean sand and a variety of crystals, depending on the size of the table, shelf or wherever you wish to display it.

Fill a bowl with clean sand roughly just below the rim. In other words pour enough sand so that the stones can be placed in it. Because stones are old as time they are said to hold energetic properties so setting intentions around the space you create for them can really enhance the area you chose to set them up in.

“Crystal therapists recommend writing out your wishes on a small piece of paper & burying the paper at the bottom of the bowl (underneath the sand) where it is invisible to others.” Rebekah Debono – Yoga Instructor & Therapist, Malta

The stones you select represent your wishes or your needs. After you conceal the note at the centre under the sand, place all other stones that you choose to include in your Secret Crystal Garden and arrange the sand in any intuitive pattern. There is no right or wrong way to place the stones as it is a matter of individual expression and you may choose as many as you wish to.





It is important that you create this Garden during a leisurely time. Feeling relaxed and undisturbed by personal emotions or inhibitions enhances the strength on your intentions. This is an essential aspect of this set up as your intuition and inner self breath more clarity in the placement of processing intentions.

Add a few small plants in pots to continue directing your attention to the intention buried in the sand under the layout of crystals and stones you arranged intuitively – this will definitely energise and embellish your environment.

Each time you look at your Secret Garden of Wishes it will remind you of the physical representation of what you desire to manifest into your life.

To do this yourself you can choose from below:

For Jobs, New Careers or Business Ventures: Use Clear crystals like the Quartz or Selenite to help gather the universal force. Other enhancer crystals which you can add can be the yellow crystals like the Cirtine or Amber as they will power your new interests, new relationships and ideas. Green Jade represents health, abundance and helps to supporting and fostering wholesome & steady growth of one’s energies. Rose Quartz invokes confidence, Turquoise harnesses your power and Moonstone harmonizes with the power of your intention.

Whenever you have time to take a moment, pass by your Secret Garden and repeat in your heart what you desire in your life and what you have written on the piece of paper buried underneath the layout.

In our upcoming Blogs, we shall give you some interesting ideas of Secret Gardens to promote a Blessed Home, Good Health & Serenity. We will also take you through an easy mindful meditation to turn your attention to your daily intentions & demonstrate how to balance your seven energy points within your body to tune into you intuition & how to keep your energies aligned to your intentions– stay tuned

Love xxx

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Big thanks goes to Louis Cauchi Savona at Gemstones Malta and Rebekah Debono  yoga teacher and therapist at Rhyz for their help and guidance to make these informational blogs possible.

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