Methods for Cleansing Your Crystals:


One of the most common questions asked by people beginning their journey using these powerful tools for transformation, concerns how to cleanse crystals, talismans, and pendants and how to recharge healing stones.

As living beings, these tools from Mother Earth have likely become your ‘friends’ and just like all beings, they occasionally need to be freed from negative energies and literally recharged. Just as humans can feel restored and rejuvenated  after an experience with nature, healing crystals and stones receive the same benefits.

This occurs by taking your tools back to a point of resonance with their source – a form of Mother Earth.

There are quite a few methods for clearing gemstones, many of which simultaneously charge them – so let’s just get to the good stuff and explore several relatively easy ways to cleanse crystals and recharge them for maximum efficacy.

1) Sage or Palo Santo

Douse your crystal through the smoke to release trapped negative energies.

2) Moonlight

Once a month place your crystals where it will be bathed under the full moon light overnight.


Set your stones out in the sunlight at dawn, leaving them until dusk. They can be placed outside of inside a windowsill that received full sunlight.

4) Water

Fully submerge your stone in water and add a dash of Himalayan salt, ensuring all sides are coated and rinsed while envisioning all energetic residue being wiped clean and pat dry. Crystals that are too fragile for water are desert rose, selenite, tourmaline, pink Himalayan, calcite varieties, and malachite. This does not apply for crystals jewellery due to the casing.

5) Earthing

Bury your crystals and allow them to sit in the soil up to 24 hours.

6) Sound

Allow the sound vibration from a singing bowl, chanting, harmonious music or a gong to wash over your stones

7) Visualization

This is probably the easiest way to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystal between your hands in prayer position. Imagine the crystal filling with white-golden, healing light and ask all impurities to be removed from the stone. Visualize all the impurities dissolving from the crystal, transforming into healing white light. When the crystal is shining brightly in your mind’s eye, its ready to go.

After you are done cleansing your crystals you want to program your crystals with a positive intention.

Hope you found this information helpful


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