Dance To The Beat of Your Own Drum

I believe that we are all born into this world knowing who we are. In some ways, our souls know what we long to experience in the world, what we wish to learn in this lifetime. We each have a little drum beating in our souls, meant to guide us towards the most nourishing path for our lives. Listening to that inner voice can be challenging. However, if you want to be happy and fulfilled, you must be willing to dance to the beat of your own drum, not the drum of someone else. Better still, dance to the beat of your drum into the entire existing cacophony of sounds.

Of course, throughout the years, we do our best to mute the sounds of the drum. Not as a conscious decision to ignore our music. We want to fit in. We want to be loved and accepted. In order to achieve this, we begin to tune out the drum, put on the masks of conformity, and amble along the paths presented before us. We do it for many years, and almost like puppets, we learn what we are taught, without questioning anything. We dance to a tune that does not feel right at several points and yet we keep doing it until we feel we cannot do it any longer.





We long for new paths, new beginnings new answers. If we’re fortunate, life’s circumstances will help us shift the patterns we’ve followed. And suddenly, new truths help us understand why for all these years, the dance only served to bring us where we are today and it’s time to change the drum beat. We remember our very own beat.

Once we begin to dance to the beat of our own drum, doing what feels right to you, going against what has been described as normal, we feel free and empowered and we gain love for not only ourselves but for creation in its entirety. The heart opens to see the opportunities, the beauties and accepts all that is. However, in all honesty, it’s now more painful to go back to the “old you”.

When you are comfortable in your skin and feel that glimpse of who you really are, you are in no need of putting on masks and pretending to fit in, the constant construction and deconstruction is exhausting.

See, you never can quite put things back in the box the way they were .. once you move forward and clear yourself from old limiting beliefs, you don’t want to return to them, do you?
Dance dance dance! It helps you clear your mind and spread your truth …

Life is a complex dance. In order to be happy and feel nourished by our lives, we have to make peace with the reality that we are surrounded by armchair critics who will try to direct our choreography and score our moves. But let them sit in the armchair eating their popcorn and try to pull you down. They might hate to see you shine  but they know that once that light shines through the cracks and the butterfly is out, there is no stopping you. They don’t understand you because they don’t vibrate at the same way you do. Maybe some day they will and if they don’t it’s totally OK too.




The path to true happiness demands we live life on our own terms.

We must find our own songs, bang our own drums, and dance to the beat of the music that comes from our own souls.

Sharing some of my thoughts into the Universe.  Those who are on a similar path, will understand me. Others won’t. The pictures are pretty though and I do love this look styled with love. Hope you like it too!

Sending you love and light, today and always,

Dress: Nilara Brand
Hair: Darren Darmanin
Make Up; MAC Cosmetics Malta
Photos: Marin Babanov

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