Catalin Bindiu a Photographer on a Mission

Hello beautiful people. I would like to have the pleasure to introduce you to a photographer who is not usually one to enjoy the limelight, because he is very understated and focuses on his works. Catalin Bindiu, originally from Rumania has been residing in Malta for over 5 years and caught my attention recently not only with this set of beautiful images he showed me but because he has been involved in a humanitarian mission called “Il-Progett” a semi reality TV show, whose intention is to annually form a team of known local personalities who work as a together, raise funds towards a specific project and then physically experience the selected project somewhere in the poorest parts of the world.


So far Il-Progett has built a farm in Ethiopia, offering jobs to women who suffer from HIV and help feed the community. It has also built a school in a remote area in Zambia giving hope and opportunity to hundreds of children. The school is such a success that to cope with the number of children attending, the school had to split the children in groups of Morning and afternoon.

For the next season the team are planning an reopening an orphanage in India. The already-selected participants are generating excitement through their first meetings, as they try to come up with fun, original ways to raise approximately Euro 25,000. This is, indeed, a mediocre sum of money but through some hard work and the immense generosity from the Maltese public, the Maltese flag hangs high making a difference in whole regions which till now were abandoned .

For more information please contact the team on their FB page Il-Proġett or call Missio on 2123 6962

Donate and Help Il-Progett.
If anyone reading my blog today wishes to help someone anonymously with a small meaningful charitable donation of €6.99 or €11.65, one may do so by sending an sms Donation as follows:
€6.99 sms 50618808
€11.65 sms 50619250

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About Catalin Bindiu

Catalin, how does it feel for you to be a part of this activity as a photographer and helper?

I see it as a new experience worth living. It was my first time to visit the beautiful Africa, first time for a mission like this. Being there and having the chance to take photos of these persons who are never seen by others was extremely fulfilling. Hopefully I wish that with my photos, more people will be ready to help these brothers and sisters.

The first time I travelled to Ethiopia with this great team of people was another wonderful experience. Being there as a photographer is amazing, because I get to meet so many interesting people and I have access to places which are not open to general public. Villages and priests and a small communities of families.

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Is photography a hobby or your main job these days? These photos are stunning.

Thank you. In Romania, I was working in photography and advertising and in Malta I started doing artistic work like photography prints and then since I stayed here and started a business and is now growing slowly but surely.

What would you like to say to people who are interested to help out ?

If they reside in Malta, I would advise them to watch the TV show on TVM every Saturday at 4pm. It is hosted by Mark Caruana who is one of the organisers.

If you are interested in working with Catalin Bindiu and his team at Blackbook Photo, they cover events, adverts, web design web pages and helping start up companies with content and social media pushes you can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Your Tube or on his personal web page

Hope you enjoyed this feature on my blog. Let’s help others where we can.



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