CARLOS GIL at Milan Fashion Week 2017

Once upon a Fashion Week, there was a Maltese blogger who attended this fashion show by Carlos Gil during Milan Fashion Week 2017. Oh boy did she enjoy this one! It was like going to a classy champagne disco party and embracing that good vibe from being in the midst of elegant, classy ladies walking around in groups, wearing stunning fashion pieces, styled to my liking. To top it all, energetic music to keep us buzzing for days!

Video: Carlos Gil Finale

Designer Carlos Gil presented a divine selection of smart casual pret a porter pieces created for the confident modern woman who enjoys making a statement with finesse. On the runway at Milan Fashion Week, we saw clean prints with motifs that blend with geometric patterns inspired by architecture and nature. The same pattern occurs in different scales and colours, and the textures appear tone on tone, creating a new notion of soft layering and movement. Overlays reveal themselves layer-by-layer, overlapping textures, tones and transparencies on fabrics that appear flowy and comfortable for the modern lives we live today.

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The collection arrives in a pleasant mix of palette with colours as distinctive as powder blue, pale yellow and purple mixed with your basic black and white pieces allied with luxurious materials such as shiny fabrics. To complete the looks, we saw trendy frameless sunnies and long earrings as accessories. The jaw dropping runway models that were selected with different skin tones enabled us to envisage how the pieces would look on different complexions, revealing feminine silhouettes to represent the contrasts between the city life and the nature around us. The make up look and hair styling look was also pretty awe-inspiring in its simplicity. Loved black eye liner with the yellow touch designed on the clean natural look and glowy cheeks.

The choreography was also enjoyable. For this show, the walking was fast paced with some 12 models all walking around and crossing eachother simultaneously which made me and all the audience all the more excited and kept us really interested and trying to cope with all of the beauty at one go.


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The perfect image is achieved with simple and spontaneous combinations, revealing sporting details and composing a luxurious urban look. Wide tailored trousers and crop tops layered with an interesting fabric and dresses in luxury materials become the key pieces of the summer 2018 collection by Carlos Gil, a casual chic mood, trademark of Carlos Gil’s collections. I would have a difficulty to choose a favourite look as I liked them all and would most definitely wear them all! As you can see from the photos by Maltese photographer and friend Bernard Polidano, you can see that Carlos Gil is a brand that exudes class and passion. I will be looking out for this brand all the more from here on and I hope you do too! Thank you for having me.


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Blog brought to you with love from Milan Fashion Week 2017

Photography by Bernard Polidano


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