Best Backpacks from Sweden

A fashion collaboration with Gaston Luga

A good backpack is one of the most important accessories if you practice outdoor activities like hiking, camping or mountaineering, as you can take with you all the necessary gear and store it safely. Not only that, a backpack is also very useful in your day to day life, while managing various things o to the university or for a walk in the park.





The Gaston Luga backpacks are known to combine functionality with a stylish exterior. This Sweden brand drew inspirations from a traveller who customised his backpack to combine functionality with a stylish exterior.

You might recall, about 6 months ago, I shared my first blog promotion with this Swedish brand and I had shown you a BLACK PRAPER model in their range. I love it so much and I use it very regularly.



For this Media Drop however, I chose the PRAPER model in white. This is a very neutral design, and like most designs on their site, they are suitable for both Men and Women.

Once I placed the order online at , the bag arrived within 2 weeks. Gaston Luga office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It does not have any physical retail outlet in Malta; therefore, all transactions are done through their website. Each order will be dispatch through their regional warehouses.

Gaston Luga offers Free Home Delivery & 30-day return on all items.

PRÅPER – White model is made from PU leather and strong durable canvas. For the inner part of the back is lined with a red colour cloth with Gaston Luga prints. It fits my 15” laptop nicely,





Overall, I like the Gaston Luga PRÅPER – WHITE model. It is well built, well design, lots of space and comfortable. A nice travel companion to have.


How to buy your own Gaston Luga Backpack:

Where: Visit
Promo Code: GRAZIELLE15 for a – 15% Off Coupon Code storewide.

Thank you so much Gaston Luga for selecting me to be your Brand Ambassador in Malta!

Lots of Love and Good Vibes to All



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