Backstage with MAC Cosmetics at Milan Fashion Week 2017

Hello there! I’m back to my home town Malta after a fantastic experience at Milan Fashion Week 2017! I’m bursting with happiness and still buzzing from all the week. I must say that I did not expect it to be like this! It is a huge event with so much happening at the same time which meant racing from one show to another (because they are not in one place like Malta Fashion Week), enjoying the show or exhibition and off to the next one, grabbing a coffee and a quick snack on the go, in between uploading posts on Instagram and Facebook and replying to messages too! Phew!


My Backstage Experience with MAC

One awesome experience for me as a fashion and travel blogger organised by MAC Cosmetics Malta and MAC Cosmetics Italia was an invitation backstage to 3 shows, to get a sneak preview of the makeup and hair look before the models go out on the runways! I’d like to talk about this one I enjoyed the most.

The Look for the Aquilano Rimondi Fashion Show

I interviewed the head makeup artist in charge of the Aquilano Rimondi show about the look. Watch this video clip to hear what the look was all about!

Au contraire to what we sometimes expect at these huge shows, simplicity, glowy skin, natural beauty was the order of the day – it’s a makeup look with such neat application and precision, that the models look flawless, fresh and ever so beautiful. I was surprised at how much work is put into creating a look that looks so effortless.





As I imagined, there is so much organisation behind the scenes. Head makeup artist, a myriad of assistants working away in unison to ensure that the models get the final “OK” to proceed to the wardrobe section. There are also just as many hair stylists working to create the hair styling look.

As backstage implies, we never see these make up artists and stylists during the shows. We see the fashion designer and the models on the runways, but these ladies and gentlemen who are flown in by MAC from all over the world are the ones who make this magic happen. Cudos to all you artists out there and also MAC for keeping our fashion weeks so intriguing.





Thanks once again to MAC for this opportunity. I hope you enjoyed my blog feature and video clip and I am already looking forward to the next one! Where will it be? 😉


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