As Clear as Clear Quartz

Every day is a new beginning, meaning that from the moment I open my eyes in my bed every morning, until the time I shut them at night, I take it as my opportunity to own my day, to shine my light and be the best version of myself I can be. If things go wrong, I accept them and hope for better days. I do have moments when I feel that some feelings of fear or doubt or worry take over for a little while, but when I think of all my blessings and I think of the bigger picture of my life purpose and what I can do day by day with my own thoughts and actions, I feel strong again and I let that light shine through. Some days I need to sit still to think more clearly about certain decisions. Other days I seek advice. On days when I need more clarity and full energy, I will wear my clear quartz crystal and ask it to guide me and help me through the day.




Im Wearing New Clear Quartz pendant by Gemstones & Jewellery by GC – Outfit Mangano Malta

Eyewear: Vision Opticians
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By changing my life and thought patterns about 2 years ago, learning slowly to let go of what others want me to do, say and instead focus on feeling what I myself wish to experience in order to feel good, my energy levels have begun to reach much higher frequencies than previous years. That combined with a healthy habit lifestyle including exercise, healthy eating and balancing work and family time, increasing meditation time and using crystals daily, I certainly feel more happy, more satisfied and free, and this increased energy and joy spreads to all my co-workers and friends.I believe that when we satisfy our own creativity and create our dream life, and help others by lifting them with help and guidance on the way, everything in the universe seems to flow much better and easier. It is a choice of shifting a mindset to be more giving and open to receive at the same time. Does this resonate with you?

My father always taught me to believe in myself and I always did my best to do that. But, now as a parent myself, with new information and education about the world we live in, I am learning that it is not just about me any more but it’s about living more of the experience of life every day. Life is a constant work in progress and I know that some days it’s damn hard to move forward and for some of us change takes a little longer than others, and we sometimes feel victims instead of in charge of ourselves, but to that I say ..brothers and sisters, all we need to do is take very small steps at a time, forward, together, as vessels of our missions, and when we then measure the total of the little changes, they do add up to quite a lot at the end of every month! I promise. Never give up moving forward with love and hope in your hearts.

I never feel comfortable in the same zone for too long and at the same I need my stability, clarity of mind and grounding to keep my feet firm onto the ground. We all need balance in our lives especially in our energies – and that is why I d like to share some information about how a Clear Quartz crystal works when we wear it or carry it with us and set an intention to it. At least this is one of the winning recipes that works for me and the close ones I ‘ve shared this tip with.

What Is the Meaning of Clear Quartz Crystal?And how do you use it for your own healing, in jewellery, or for good fengshui in your home?

Clear Quartz is by far the most popular and versatile healing stone of all crystals. Necklaces and pendants made using Clear Quartz Crystals like the one shown in my pictures is a powerful aid to your personal healing.

It is known for thousands of years, amongst so many cultures before us, used throughout history as the stone of power that amplifies any energy or intention. It is said to protect against negativity, and connecting you to your higher self.

Clear Quartz brings strength and clarity to your intellect, aiding concentration and memory, and filtering out distractions. Its mesmerizing quality is also helpful during sleeping time, to help one to understand the messages and lessons conveyed during our dream state.

Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal, and may be used for any condition. It is thought to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow and bringing the body into balance. It has been used to treat migraine headaches, vertigo, in stabilizing dizziness or motion sickness, and is believed to assist with metabolism, exhaustion, and weight loss too! A must have in your crystals collection 😉





How to use it?

One distinctive ability of the clear quartz is that you can program the crystal with your intention. To program a crystal with intent means the crystal will hold specific thoughts or a quality of energy that you ask it to hold. To charge it with energy from nature, for example, means the crystal will absorb and carry the energy you take it to in any natural spot that you want to feel connected to—be it your favourite spot on the beach, a little spot in the countryside or your peaceful bedroom. You set the intention and allow it to do the rest of the work for you. It’s that simple.


And to end this blog, this is the latest clear quartz pendant with handmade lattice work  I’ve launched in my jewellery collection at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC. Isn’t it beautiful?!

If you are interested to get one for yourselves, or to give as a gift to a loved one,  you may either go online and shop for one HERE or you may contact me on Facebook at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC or by sending a message or alternatively on Instagram @graziellecamilleri where I will answer your enquiries and send you pictures of the unique pendants in stock.

Hope you enjoyed my feature today with this look by Mangano photographed at the Valletta Waterfront.

Best regards to you all









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