A dress by Sladana Krstic for Day 7

Dance from your heart and let your passion shine through. That is what I always say to my four year old daughter when she is practicing her school concert dance in the living room. Her innocent eyes sparkle when mummy shows her how to perform better in front of an audience.





As a mum, like all mums and dads out there, I do my best to share what I know to my little one, and that includes giving her enough confidence in herself to feel that she is not only good enough, but she can be whatever she chooses to be in life. The dance takes practice. A tough job requires many hours of hard work. No one is truly successful without persevering and working hard.

I’m just talking about work and during Fashion Week in Malta, I cannot help but notice all the hard work being done by many people behind the scenes, organizing everything, the hair stylists working their magic, makeup artists, the models taking days off to participate in this busy week of the year for fashion in Malta.
I have enjoyed the past week very much and look forward to attending the final night today and the Awards Night on Friday! After that, it’s business as usual for me and lots of exciting projects to catch up on and the family to spend time with again. This week has been incredibly challenging for me, but I m so pleased to have managed it with help from my mum who helped with my daughter and so many talented people who have supported me every day in their own way. Im truly blessed!

About this Dress

This dress is a dream come true. Rewind a few months back to February, when I was away in MILAN for Fashion Week with my bestie Denis Aljush, I was introduced to this fantastic couturier and designer SladanaKrstic. I attended her gala event in Milan and immediately we hit it off. A few months later, she offered to design something for me to wear during Malta Fashion Week and indeed she did because a few days ago I received the dress and here I am wearing it.

I hope I did it justice but you must agree that it is a beautiful piece of work and I really enjoyed wearing it. I felt like a Spanish queen in her full glory. I felt it expressed a part of that Mediterranean energy that I am, always up to something, red the color of power and passion and the beautiful prints reflect my artistic side has been a dancer and theatre performer for many years, prior to blogging and my entrepreneurial days, you would find me dancing on national TV shows and cabaret shows in top hotels at the weekends. That was my life about ten years ago. I still carry all the passion I had back then and take it with me into the future with pride and wisdom to know how beautiful life is and how precious moments are in this lifetime.
















Send you good vibes today and always .. and remember Keep Dancing.. It keeps you feeling young at heart and it spreads joy to yourself and others!



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