The World of Crystals

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    7 Must-Have Crystals For Beginners

    There are infinite ways of aligning your mind, body and inner self through Crystal Therapy Practices. The more I learn about them, the more intrigued I am becoming. I wear them as therapeutic jewellery, carry tumbled gemstones or crystals around in my purse as a reminder of the intentions I associate with their properties. I […]

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    How to use crystals and gemstones

    Hi! It’s me again. Hola! I send you lots of good vibes and smiles your way. Today I’d like to talk about crystals and gemstones. Whenever we need inspiration to project our intentions, help us believe in whatever we want to achieve or look for something to assist us with being creative through our innate […]

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    Crystals – What can they do for me?

    Hello beautiful souls. Hope you are well and in good spirits. I send you warm greetings and good vibes! I’ve been overwhelmed with your reactions and feedback about the first introductory blog I released a couple of weeks ago called “crystals and their healing powers”. It has certainly seeded some curiosity or hit some strings […]

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    Hello again and welcome to my blog, the place where I find pleasure in sharing things that interest me together with fashion and beauty tips, events I attend and sometimes subjects that are worth a shoutout. During the past months, I have been introduced to and had the opportunity to delve into the healing power […]