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    Rooftop Martinis

    In my younger years, I thought that one-pieces were strictly created for our mummies wanting to be modest and reserved, but over the past few years, that stigma has changed. The rise of the sexy one-piece is happening and we don’t we all LOVE it. I’m a mum myself and I have a crush on […]

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    Floral dress at Kempinski Hotel in Gozo

    There are certain moments in life where you know you’ve accomplished something you always longed for, it makes you feel overjoyed, and fulfilled. I had that huge emotion when I gave birth to baby Luna two years ago. But alongisde accomplishments in life like this one, there are also high business accomplishments and last weekend […]

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    It’s a Corporate Affair

    Working women have no shortage of decisions to make, including what to wear during their working hours. And fashion designers are flocking to outfit this growing market of smart, chic dressers. For those looking for workwear inspiration, I’ d like to show you this outfit as one of my favourite fashion-forward ones that will meet […]

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    How I lost 3 kilos in 9 days with the C9 Plan

    For all of you interested to find a way of losing some weight, here’s one plan I have just tried and tested for 9 days. Forever Living’s Clean 9 or C9 is creating a wave of success for kickstarting health and weight loss, that everyone is asking about it. From pop stars such as Victoria […]