3 weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone while running errands, and erm.. totally smashed the screen. It’s such a distressing feeling every time it happens. I go into a somewhat panic mode – because my work and kind of everything at the moment evolves around the use of this technological gadget and the damage is something caused by me!

Does it still work? Did I lose all my data? If it still works, how can I fix at a reliable place, very quickly without breaking the bank? All these are questions that go through my mind in that moment of realisation that my phone needs dire love and tender care – pronto!





After posting the Question in a local Facebook Group – “Help! Broke my Iphone screen. Who do you recommend for me to contact to fix it within 24 hrs”, I got so many recommendations, yet somehow, quite a few recommended Stefan or Chris at Quickfix and immediately Stefan who I messaged, got back to me within a few minutes with prices and a guarantee of fixing it within 24 hours! He also offered a free pick up and delivery but I was too eager to have it fixed so I went over to the shop in B Kara myself to ensure it is done within the day and I can continue my day normally.

By the way, these pictures were taken a week after the experience. I was so pleased with the service that I thought I should document it for others to find it handy online while searching on Google for mobile repairers in Malta, in case they break their own screens!

I arrived at the QUICKFIX shop in Valley Road, B Kara which is situated very close to Mc Donalds Bkara, a few hundred metres actually. I entered to be greeted by Chris, one of the owners, who looked at my phone and promised me he will have a look at it and get it fixed while I wait for it in the comfortable wi fi area which is decorated with a fresh look, with warm wood touchings and green plants everywhere. It made me relax a little and I was told it would be ready within 1 hour since there were people who could work on it for me there and then!

I was super happy about that. I was able to work on my laptop, I was even offered coffee and a cold drink while I waited so they really made me feel welcome and comfortable.

I asked about their services, and I was informed by Stefan and Chris,  that they offer a FREE PICK UP service, they fix it and deliver it within 24 hours! That is so convenient!


Stefan & Chris offer an amazing service. They are not only efficient, but they have a charismatic energy which is something I look for in all businesses! They both have several years of experience in this field and in business management and you feel their passion for what they do after just speaking with them for 5 minutes!






I learnt that all orders placed before 13:00 are collected and inspected on the same day. Orders placed after 13:00 will be inspected during the following day. They don’t only fix mobile phones of various brands, but they also fix laptops, ipads and laptops. While I was there I witnessed a gentleman walk in who had just spilled a whole hot mug of coffee on his motherboard! They had a solution and they did fix it for him within 24 hours!

Most repairs take approx. 3 hours. As soon as the quotation is accepted, the repair job is initiated. The device is then delivered right to your door when it’s ready.

These are the two QUICKFIX NUMBERS you need in case of an emergency.

+356 7748 0728

+356 9920 9869

This is their website  >>

Facebook Page >>

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm – Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

I hope that this blog about this company was useful to you as these guys were to me!

Until the next blog, send you all my best wishes and good vibes your way.














I hope this blog was useful to some of you. I hope you don’t break your phone screen any time soon, but if you do, look out on my blog for all these details!



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