New Hot Launches by MAC COSMETICS for summer 2020



Make up Look by Gordana at MAC Cosmetics, Malta

Hello everyone! I really hope you are enjoying your summer! I am learning to slow down and relax more and you know what? It feels amazing! I get to get all the things that I plan done, and I’m enjoying the time with the family all the more.

Make up makes me happy, it reminds me of having fun, of being social and of making memories. You know I’m  a face for Mac Cosmetics in Malta, so I get the opportunity to try out different products and make up looks too with the help of the awesome Mac Malta team. This month I’d like to share an update on these products that have been launched in the stores and online too!

Fix+ Magic Face Spray
Fix+ Vibes Collection
Bronzing Collection

Fix & Magic Radiance Moisturizing Face Spray is the product that will enter the must-have lists for make-up lovers to create a soft, transitive, vibrant and radiant skin look. Moisture-Shield Technology in its formula traps moisture in the skin without weight. It can be used to moisturise the skin underneath the make-up, while on top of the make-up it can be used to secure it.




Whether or not we’ll get to spend summer outside as much as we’d like is yet to be seen, but that’s OK — getting a golden glow from the sun,  now is the perfect time to try a beautifully bronzed look via some seriously gorgeous new makeup, care of MAC. The brand is celebrating the start of summer with an instantly iconic new Bronzer Collection, and it’s so much more than just your typical coppery compact.

MAC’s beloved Prep + Prime Fix+ gets reimagined in this collection as a shimmer-imparting spray. The Bronzelite shade still sets and refreshes as always, but with a pearlescent bronze aura that finishes any look with a summery vibe. Bronzelite is also the name of the shade that the new Strobe Body Lotion  comes in. Its pearly finish is subtle, but its moisturizing power is anything but.

Perhaps what makes MAC’s new collection such a next-level line is that it reimagines bronzer beyond the complexion. It also includes color cosmetics for lips and eyes in shades that both qualify as bronze and complement it.

SHOP for the Bronzing Collection Online at Debenhams Malta by Clicking HERE


There are both new Lipstick and Lipglass  colors, the latter staying firmly within a bronzy range. Summer Chromance is a bronze with pink pearlescence, Too Cool For Pool is pinky coral, Out of This Pearl is clear, and Would Rather Lounge is a brownish red — and each has a mesmerizing gold pearl mixed in. The A La Plage shade of Lipstick is a golden nude, but the rest of the shades are made to pair beautifully with sun-kissed skin: Cannes Do is bright orange Wham is a plummy brown with pink pearl, Cote D’Amour is bright fuchsia, and Set To Sizzle is a grapefruit pink. This will certainly help us shimmer and shine all the more this season!




Whenever MAC launch a limited scented version of their iconic Fix+, it’s an instant success, and there isn’t just one new scented edition – there’s SEVEN, and you can find them right here.

So the MAC Fix + Vibes Collection is a limited edition collection of seven different scents, and the bottles each contains 30ml with amazing brightly coloured effects on the bottles.

Make sure you grab one of these beauties on your next visit to your MAC COSMETICS STORE!

I hope you enjoyed this update on the blog. I know that lots of exciting products and events are happening at MAC in July, so I will let you know more in the next blog out next week!

Much love




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