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Hello everyone. Hope you are all holding up OK. I am getting accustomed to this new normal and am finding much more time to enjoy things I didn’t make time for previously. Reading books is one of these things. There is that special self love, “me time” that comes with taking that space to my quiet space on the cosy sofa or the outdoor space in the terrace, to read something enjoyable. Do you relate?

This month I received this book called Amazonite as a gift from Gisele, a person who follows my Blog – I found it very timely. Once I started reading it, leafing through the pages in between quarantine activities, I got hooked until I finished it. I read it in no particular order, since it has various pages with poetry  so what I would do is open it with my eyes closed and I let the day bring me what it wanted. Of course, whoever buys one can read it front to back like other books!

I felt inspired and relaxed reading it as most of the poems are speaking about love in its various forms. I wish you to explore it too. I won’t spoil all the surprise but I’m sure you will find it a pleasant read for the mind and the soul.


The name struck me because “Amazonite” is a name of a beautiful blue crystal and as you know, I am the owner of a crystal jewellery online business and amazonite is a stone with properties to aid better communication with others, and helps to filter out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace. In fact I discovered that the author is enjoying a journey using crystals for her wellbeing and the amazonite is a crystal she loves working with!



I loved reading it and I wanted to do something different in the blog so I thought of interviewing Giselle the author of the book so you can get to know her better and understand her energy and drive to writing this book and others.



(Price per book is EUR8 plus shipping. Shipping to Malta EUR2; to Europe EUR3.80; to rest of the world EUR4.70 )

INTERVIEW with Gisele Schembri

1. Is your driving force in your life currently?

It was always my dream to become a writer, since I was very young. I never stopped writing for the twenty-years that I believed all those around me who said writing is not a profession, writing will not put food on the table. I think many times, writing is what gave me the will to live, as I faced a job I hated, a relationship that was far from ideal and even post-natal depression for three and a half years. In fact, it was when I got better from my depression that I realised I was done leaving writing on the back burner and started baby steps to making it a career. In time, my previously commercial writing started changing and I found myself writing awareness articles from my personal experiences, as well as articles to to help people find self-love, meaningful lives away from the materialistic things that we hide ourselves behind, and other similar themes.

I wake up every morning with a vision to reach out to more people with my writing and help them in any way I can and I often envision the ever-growing stack of books I have in mind to write, all there in front of me, full of information to share with the world. Even a simple question on some Facebook group has me commenting at length, trying to help in whatever way I can, which is where I realised that my dream of writing can be put to good use to publish books to help people with situations and topics that I struggled with and had to deal with alone. Holding my first book in my hands has given me even more of a push to work towards leaving a legacy in bookstores around the world. I gave my son one of the samples of the book, the first three that got printed, and promised him I would keep doing it with every future publication. I told him in time, those will become the legacy I leave behind. Some people live to eat, others live to travel. I guess I always lived to write.

2. What drove you to write the book. How long did it take for you to write it?

‘Amazonite’ is full of poetry and prose poetry, and whilst it had been my dream for some years to get some of my poetry published in book form, I never wrote any of it specifically with that intention. The poetry found in the book is a selection from my bigger collection. When I decided to go ahead with the project and get it published, I started by selecting various pieces that I had written over many long years really. The first section of the book, titled ‘Karmic Partner’, contains poetry starting from I believe the year 2001.

However all the poetry written in the other sections were written throughout 2018 and 2019. I love writing things down as they come to my head so in many cases I found first stanzas of poetry that I had never gone on to write. When I started sifting through my works to find the appropriate poetry for the book, I worked on those unfinished pieces. The final poem in the book, ‘The Return’, is the only poem written with the book in mind.

So I usually think of the book itself more in terms of the process of selecting the poetry and turning it into a cohesive picture, rather than when I actually wrote the poetry inside it. My intense real work for the publication started around October 2019 and it was finally ready, inside and out, including photography and illustration as well as with the samples printed, on the last week of February this year, so five gruelling months I would say.

Initially I had chosen to publish the love-themed poems from my collection but when I started talking to my illustrator, Neville Caruana, and outlining the book to him, I realised the idea could morph into something more interesting and the book took a life of its own, for which I had to make adjustments. This included the need for intros to each section to get the reader into the picture, which was I think a bigger challenge than poetry for me as I needed to keep them short enough to not get the attention off the story whilst yet putting in enough information for anyone who never came across particular terms before. One of the things that took the most time was to put all the chosen poetry in an order that made sense to the developing story, which is based on my personal life. Much of my poetry is written in bits rather than in one sitting so very few are dated or were written over a whole year! Another long process was to figure out the cover. I knew I wanted something special and the idea of finding a pre-made cover, as is the case at times with self-publication, was a definite ’no’ in my books. So I hired Neville, whose works I had seen, knowing he would be a good fit to what I wanted to achieve. The same goes for the photography on the last page inside the book as well as on the back cover. I wanted a professional book, and that meant hiring a professional to take my pictures. The photography is the work of Muriel Caruana.

3. Where do you wish to be spiritually in the coming years?

For all that I used to be Catholic and extremely religious, I wasn’t ever really spiritual before. The past few years, especially since the day I took the long-coming decision to split from my ex-husband, I suddenly started questioning more, feeling more emotions, understanding that there must be more to life than my previous ‘existence’ rather than a fulfilled life. Then I met a special person who seemed to cause this stirring in my soul and slowly, I awoke to my surroundings in a way that had me always yearning to discover more about who I am and what this whole idea of being human is about. I am a fast learner and every day I try to implement anything I learn to live a better life, for myself and even for those around me. This year I am focusing on what I should have done already, and that is to work on myself to heal anything that doesn’t serve me if I am to make this lifetime a time to connect more to my inner self and through there, to God.

On the more ‘practical’ side, I discovered crystals and their beautiful powers last year and have been teaching myself more and more about them. I have selected and given my friends surprise gifts of particular crystals that would help them in whatever burden or situation they are facing and the results have been positive. It is my intention to get my Reiki attunement sometime this year and would like to incorporate crystals with the Reiki and start giving Healing sessions to others.

Thank you Gisele for this lovely book!

Keep writing and spreading beautiful messages of empowerment and self healing. It is what the world is needing a lot of right now.

Much love




(Price per book is EUR8 plus shipping. Shipping to Malta EUR2; to Europe EUR3.80; to rest of the world EUR4.70 )

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