Quarantine Diaries part 2

Hi everyone!

Hope you are coping Ok during Covid. One thing that it is definitely proving is that everything around us is so temporary. Things our lives revolve around .. work, gym, shopping malls, movies, society have all gone for a toss as we are learning to live without them. It has taught us that in the end, it’s your own home and family that keeps you safe.



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Since the blog I shared titled Quarantine Diaries Part 1, these past two weeks, I’ve been getting accustomed to the fact that this type of quarantine, stay home safe kind of living will be  with us for quite a while, and so it really made sense for me to adapt and integrate the new lifestyle into my system, without resisting. Resisting will only add pressure, anxiety or anger to my energy. I allow for the changes to take their toll while I enjoy each day to the full with my family, counting my blessing for each healthy waking day of life!

I ve been enjoying some lovely moments of peace, me time and gratitude together with hundreds of TikTok dances and memes to keep actively entertained with my daughter Luna!  I did enjoy celebrating my birthday on 7th April with my family. A pretty cake,  a few cupcakes, two new pyjamas  and some sunshine, together with hundreds of online messages on Instagram and Facebook , totally made my day wonderful.

News is that on that very day I announced the birth of a new instagram page to reflect various interests which are becoming stronger as time passes and from the pleasure in creating content for this page,  I realise more and more what my true purpose in life really is.

I ve been happily buzzing and  creating daily posts and stories for this new Instagram page since the 7th of AprilYes! I have totally committed myself to fire.messengeroflove It is one totally new Instagram page dedicated to cover  subjects that differ very much to the ones on my main page graziellecamilleri bring fashion, travel and lifestyle – and as I explained in my Insta stories,  it was proving difficult to blend together the subjects and express myself in the main one, because the target group differ completely and I don’t wish to mix the two together. This is NEW – new age…

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Hi I m FIRE, a messenger of love channelled through @graziellecamilleri and this is my first official post on Instagram! I hope that everyone who follows and joins this page, not only visits to watch, listen or observe but also feels free to communicate their thoughts and beliefs freely. This page has been created to be more of a communcation page, a go to page for company, inspiration and messages from the Universal energy of Love but also for you to share your insights, what you feel, exercise your intuitive gifts and share freely your thoughts of the day in the posts and comments that will be shared. In this page, I will share posts about spirituality, evolution, spiritual growth, plant medicine, ancient wisdom, numerical geometry and many subjects that Grazielle did not feel comfortable sharing on her other 4D page. We will be able to share light language both verbal and written.Grazielle has been receiving messages and has been training for over a year now and together we feel it is time to let go of any limitations, fears of the unknown and to express ourself freely. Our intention is to seed more information with love on the Universe at large, who humans are, how powerful they are energetically, how to tap in to your highest potential with daily practises, exercises, breathing exercises, inner work and share any tools available to help you raise your consciousness. The list is endless. This page is about pure communication and quality and only those who are ready will be attracted to visit and contribute. Everything is divine timing and you are here only because you are ready to expand, to grow, to receive, to become your best version of your human self. I welcome you to this first post and I’m thrilled to be able to begin this journey with you all! FIRE Messenger of love, joy and hope #spirituality #firstpostoninstagram #spiritualawakening #higherself #higherconsciousness #growthmindset #messenger #lightworker #loveyourself #loveiseverything #fire #greetings #channeledmessages #lightlanguageactivation #lightlanguage #birthday #mybirthday #freedom #expansion

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Have you heard about Light Language? The channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages interpreted by the heart? Yes this language speaks to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume information differently by expanding your senses. It’s essential to remember that Light Language is not a word-for-word language that can be translated into finite sentences like most Earth languages we’re accustomed to. The first time I ever heard or saw light language, I was led to it by following a post about dolphins. It had an insightful quotation from Jamye Price, and I wanted to see who this wise person was. Before too long, I was watching a video of a blonde woman standing ,her hands flowing and flashing with signs, uttering phrases in some angelic language that sounded like gold, I stopped everything else I was doing and stared at the screen, and my body began to respond to this dance of sound and rivers of energy that I felt inside. Since then, I’ve discovered other practitioners of light language. Some people speak it, some sing it, some sign or draw or write it, as light maps or codes or inscriptions. It’s called light language because that is how it appears to the inner eye as the practitioner is speaking—words that are on fire or really lit with gold. Some say they are channeling light language from other beings in other realms or star systems; some say that it comes from their higher self. Some believe that it is both: Those “alien” beings are fractals of their own self. Each person has their own style of expression as distinct as their voice, as distinct as the beings or aspects they are bringing through them. I will be sharing light language information and actual light language messages here, so stay tuned! • • My dear friend, Swipe Left to enjoy a light language message from @mahancht channeling Arcturian Daniel with a message of courage for these times. Blessings 🙏🔥 • • FIRE #lightlanguage #lightlanguageactivation #codes #messages #galactic #spiritual #lightworker #lightlanguageart #spirituality Artworks by @rememberinglovelightlanguagesmi@margot_outofspace A post shared by FIRE (@fire.messengeroflove) on



I’m also sending out a message to the Universe during Covid that I’m not scared to start from scratch, no matter what happens, I will always survive and adapt. I am using this time wisely to look inwards, heal old wounds, observe the world around me and through this page, with the wisdom and experience acquired through the years, I believe I can be more of service in times when humanity needs it the most.

FIRE, is the person speaking on the page and here are some insights we shared together this week: Many videos are still highlighted in the Daily Insights section for you to watch in your own time if you are interested in this particular subject FOLLOW the page @fire.messengeroflove 



How to Use Wisdom From Native Indian Tribes in the Modern Times to Live a Better Life of Balance.

1. Touch the Earth.

You’ve probably heard someone- a friend, or loved one perhaps- mention before that being in nature helps them clear their mind and think more clearly.

This isn’t just hearsay, you can test this for yourself. On an especially hectic day, go to a nearby park or hiking trail and take a moment to relax among the trees or walk the trail and feel as your mind begins to clear and your stress and tension begins to dissipate.
No matter what you believe or don’t believe about the healing and demystifying powers of being close to the Earth, or why exactly you think a natural environment clears our mind, it can’t be argued that being close to nature has an impact on our well-being.

And this may even extend to the physical body. The practice of “earthing” is the act of walking barefoot or placing our bodies on a natural surface, and while the science is still young there’s been promise in the findings to support that connecting directly with the Earth in some way can result in better sleep, less pain, reduced stress and tension, and improved immune function.


2) Show kindness to all

Like the grasses showing tender faces to each other, Thus should we do. For this was the wish of the Grandfathers of the World. – Black Elk

Another simple but very powerful message. The message couldn’t be simpler: show kindness to others. Anything said other than that would be to complicate things, so I’ll keep it at that.

3. Meditate to gain clarity, then act with courage

We spoke about the importance of meditation for awareness, calmness and clarity. When clouds exist within our mind, we have no way of knowing what the right action is to take. When we act during moments such as these, it can lead us to a lot of trouble. Clarity in life is priceless, as without it you’re flying blind and you are subject to the winds of chance. It is wise to devote a part of your life to cultivating and maintaining great clarity, as this itself is what will lead you to peace and happiness.

And when you get there? Don’t hesitate. Know that you have the truth within you. Know that you’re ‘right’, and that what you’re doing is good. Stand up, move forward, and act with courage like a warrior who is ready for battle against any enemy – to save himself and his family.


4. What we do to others, we do to ourselves

Humankind has not understood how woven the web of life truly is. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

To understand deeply our interconnected and interdependent nature is to understand that we’re all woven together deeply, like one great big tapestry. Well this pandemic is one great teacher I would say! This can be used in both negative and positive ways. We can infect each other with kindness, love and compassion as much as we can infect each other with germs and viruses!

What we do to others, we do to ourselves, so why should we be mean to other humans, animals, plants and any sentient beings? This includes not only our actions towards others but also the thoughts and feelings we express in our mind towards others.

The ancient native tribes suggest we stop separating “I” and “them” and we will see that greater peace and happiness will follow. Can you imagine if all of us practised this mindfulness about others and ourselves? Most if not all our problems coming from duality will all disappear.


5. True Politeness is defined in actions rather than Words

Children were taught and are still taught that respectful actions are more powerful and meaningful than words.

Children for example are not allowed to walk in between a fire and the older person or a visitor, to speak while others were speaking, or to make fun of a crippled or disfigured person. If a child thoughtlessly tried to do so, a parent, in a quiet voice, immediately set him right.Young people, raised under old rules of courtesy, never indulge in the present habit of talking incessantly and all at the same time. Pauses are acknowledged gracefully and do not cause lack of ease or embarrassment.

6. Observe All Living Things, Observe Mother Nature and Show Respect To Her

We sit in the lap of our Mother. From her we, and all other living things, come. We shall soon pass, but the place where we now rest will last forever.

Have you ever spent time sitting motionless watching the tiny ants, or perhaps some small animals at their work and ponder their industry in the entire web of creation? Or lay on your back for hours looking long at the sky, when the stars came out made shapes from the various groups.

Everything in this Universe is just magnificent in its own right and possessed of personality, only differing from us in form. Knowledge too is inherent in all things. The world is like an endless library and its books are the stones, leaves, grass, the sea, the rivers and the birds and animals that share, alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth.

We must learn more to do what only the student of nature learns, and is to feel beauty. We must learn to adjust ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, to live more in peace and harmony with nature and not create harmful ways to suit our pockets and our selfish ways,


I am really seeing more clearly in all this how selfish so many humans have been in the past hundreds of years, including myself. Because many people had power, they led the majority to where we are today. However, we cannot be blind so hide from the fact that our ways of living cannot remain this way if we are to save our future generations from destruction.

We have been too much in our egos to allow for a balanced life in harmony with both the planet and our spiritual selves and I believe the time of change we have all been praying for is now. We didn’t see it coming this way, but it is here!

Let’s plan the future of our world together! Let’s claim Our World back. It is that time!

Let’s really use this time we have in our homes to look around us and dream of the world we wish to get back to the way we all wish to, living more from the heart than from the egotistical mind.

Much love to all, today and always,



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