While hoping for better days, I choose peace

Hi everyone! I’m looking through these photos my work only two weeks ago, and I already am missing not being able to plan anything for the coming months. How everything has halted in the past week!  I hope you are well and safe in your homes or work spaces. I have been sharing my thoughts daily on Instagram stories and just trying to cope with all the preparations and changes required. Adapting. No one planned for this in 2020!

In light of the recent news and the COVID-19 spreading so fast including our little island, Malta , it’s heart breaking to see the panic and fear and how the majority is reacting with anxiety levels rising. People glued to their social media and TV stations hoping for answers is only causing more fear and anxiety which actually leads to stress and a lower immune system.

We will get through this humanity, together but we need to work on ourselves and work together to come out stronger from this. Be mindful about the fact that our mental health is closely linked to our immune system and therefore it makes more sense to strengthen it rather than weaken it. 





I am not a professional doctor, so please hear me as a wife, mum, business owner, who is trying like you all to do the right thing and provide my family with the best care possible. If you need medical advice, ask your doctor but what I can share is ways of how to control the MINDSET, It’s the MINDSET, the way we SHIFT FOCUS that will save us even after the virus is exterminated or held under wraps with a miraculous vaccine.

As shared yesterday on my Instagram Daily Video Stories , (now highlighted in the Covid 19 Section) here’s how I’m choosing peace over fear and panic.

I am choosing peace because I CANNOT CONTROL what is going on around me by the virus but I CAN CONTROL my reactions to it, by working on my inner stillness and by following the healthcare guidelines on the physical side of things.

With some FOCUS  on how to REACT to situations, I am able to COPE with with more STRENGTH and CLARITY. I am choosing peace because we actually work on building our family’s immune system on a daily basis and not just when a virus is running rampant and I am SHARING because I wish to HELP some who are in panic mode out there and are seeking for advice. It is my duty I feel and I feel honoured to serve the community in any way I know how to.


The beautiful dress is from CLOSET London, the new brand at Debenhams. Hair by Sanja at Egalite Hair & Beauty
Make Up MAC COSMETICS MALTA. Venue Hugos Boutique Hotel


How to find peace?


1. Turn off the news

You already know this is serious. You know what you need to do. If you want updates, get the facts from a trusted source and then turn it off for several hours while you do other productive things or follow people who make you smile and who will lift your spirits. I ve been following a local tv host Ray Calleja on Facebook who has made me giggle quite a few times with his quarantine updates and recipes and light hearted insights. Bless! What you feed your mind is where your energy will go.

2. Change your mind and focus

The ways I do this is through writing, working on projects with my daughter, reading  books I bought online and did not make time to read or watch interesting documentaries I never had time to watch about.  Journaling and messaging my friends to check in on them to see how they are. Tidying my  house spaces a few hours at a go.

3. Practice Gratitude

Say affirmations , like “ I am grateful for another day, for my food on the table, the roof above my head” Write out your dreams, and set intentions . Changing your mind from negative to positive affects your entire body.

4. Stay present and focus on the things you CAN control.

You can’t control the news, the mass hysteria, or what’s going on outside your home. But you CAN control the atmosphere inside your home. You can choose to enjoy some time with your family. And you can use this time to practice some self-care and get your home back in order. My home has never received so much attention and tidying up.

We have been spending so much time running around keeping up our busyness like busy bees and ended up neglecting ourselves and our homes. We have been disconnected with ourselves and you know what? The planet and the situation is forcing us to do it. Look Inwards and Work on Ourselves. We Have Time Now. If you want to take advantage of this time and get your life back in order, we now are kind of stuck in our homes so let’s be more creative and use this time positively and  wisely.


How to raise your vibes at home?


1. Listen to music and dance to the music you enjoy

As I mentioned on Instagram in my stories, either as a family or alone if you are alone, please do it. Find some songs you love, stand up and dance a few times a day. Raising your vibes with dancing to music, your body sends a signal to your brain telling it, Im feeling good, so shift from low vibes to higher vibes please, Thank you. Even if you have two left feet, it doesn’t matter.. Music and Dance lifts your spirits and that of others…! Hence strengthens your immune system.

2. Learn something new

For me, this week, in particular, it’s trying new Home Cooking Recipes and Learning Arts & Crafts to try out with my daughter Luna.

3. Meditation

Meditation is one thing that works for us. We ve been practisting meditation for about 3 years now and it has really helped us every day with keeping calm and focus on what matters in life. What I recommend is at least once a day either with or without crystals, find a calm space in your home and still your mind. For beginners I recommend Googling ” Meditation Music” to help you. Start with 5 minutes and then increase with time. Trust me, Your anxiety levels will decrease and you will feel your mind more aligned with your heart space. Namaste! Let me know how it goes..

4. Prayer

Prayer to your God/ Creator is a very powerful tool as a Collective Energy to help you keep calm and focused with your intent and will also help all humanity. If we all pray for more peace, cures and less spread, it will help tremendously.

Oh! I miss so many things already like going out for a coffee in my favourite spots, going to the children’s playground with my daughter. I miss my parents and my friends. I miss being out in the streets without keeping distance from everyone. I miss hugging my friends tight. I miss my work, parties and celebratory events. I miss travelling freely and dance class! And it’s only the beginning.

I pray that with every week that goes by, we will learn more about ourselves individually, as a nation and about all  the current systems of the world we are living in – and let s gear up with enthusiasm to see a lot CHANGE before our eyes. We have been praying for CHANGE. We didn’t see this coming but THIS IS IT. It’s HAPPENING. So Let’s cope with it with a Learning Curve Mindset.

And Let’s gear up for better times when we can all look forward to having drinks together and party together having survived one of the toughest tests for humanity at large!

Send you love today and always!



Closet London at Debenhams Malta
Hairdresser Sanja at Egalite Hair & Beauty
Photos Marin Babanov







  1. I Love what you do you are a true Blessing from God
    Wish you and your Family
    MUCH Love peace and Joy
    In these hard times
    Keep Shining your light in the middle of this Dark Dark world

    • thank you Lori.We are sisters and brothers in the same boat. With love of God in our hearts, we will see the beauty and the lessons from all this and grow more united as a species in the shortest span of time ever recorded in history of mankind.I trust that it is all divine timing.

  2. The part “focus on the things you CAN control” grabbed my attention, as right now my worry is our wedding. Whether it happens or not on the planned date is out of my control.

    Thank you <3

    • I wish you luck for whatever happens. Globally all large events are being cancelled with dates being postponed. We should all help eachother at this time and I hope it will be postponed to a date when you can enjoy it better xx

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