WOMANITY – no more stereotypes!

Hello beautiful people. It is my pleasure on Women’s Day to announce my participation in a lovely, motivational campaign which brought many women together to send a few messages of gratitude, positivity and empowerment. A number of images were released on various Facebook and Instagram pages leading to the culmination being the video launched on Women’s Day – 8th March 2020.

This 2020 Campaign led by The Clintess a Maltese influencer, vlogger and performer talks about leaving the stereotype that all women need to be and look the same.

Each and every woman is beautiful and has something powerful within her to offer to the world and if we stand together we can make a much more positive universe and empower others.




Here is the video which premieres today at 4pm on YouTube








To all women out there, I may not know you but what I do know is that you are where you are because life has planned this all for you. You have been through so much already and it has made you who you are today. We are all a “Work in Progress” and none of us is “Perfect” in the judgement of society but we are Perfect in the Eyes of God or the Creator who we are a representation of. Let’s keep shining our light individually to the best of our ability, day by day, step by step, one small decision at a time. Let s help eachother to see our true power we hold within and with that strength keep building communities that believe in the power of Unity and Love above everything else. Life is not always easy but it is Damn Beautiful. Let’ s enjoy it more and show our children who come after us how we Changed the World one Good Day at a Time!

One woman CAN make a difference but together we can rock the world!

Happy Women’s Day sisters!

Love to You Al! Catch my Vibe !!!!!!!!



Video by MT Lifestyle & Travel Vlog
Photos by Stefan Varga

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