My Fave MAC products of the month and why?

Hi everyone! Every week, in my INSTAGRAM STORIES @graziellecamilleri, some of you who follow me there, know how much fun it is for me to visit MAC outlets in Valletta, Sliema or The Point to try out different looks every week for the different occasions or photoshoots. I love to share make up looks created with the help of the amazing make up team at MAC COSMETICS, I also love to show with products we used to acheive certain looks, so I thought, for those who don’t yet follow me on INSTAGRAM, I would, in this blog share my fave products and the fab MAC products used to achieve looks that you loved so much in February!

Soft Pink Hues Look

We used:

1) Love in a Bubble – Bling Thing – Liquid Lip Top Coat
2) Bling Thig Liquid Lip Top Coat




Fashionista Look

We used some new eyeshadows from the Dazzle Shadow 2020 range :

1) Joie de Glitz
2) Emerald Cut &
3) New Eyebrows Boost Fibre Gel



Blue Colour Pop Look for TV hosting

We used:

1) Blue flame
2) Clarity
3) Fresgwater










Apart from their awesome make up products, I have been using different skincare products by MAC for over 5 months now.


1) I would like to recommend Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel Creme. Absolutely fantastic as a base every day and as a night cream before I go to bed.


2) Prep & Prime – Face protect lotion spf30 as a base for make up.

Once you apply this, the foundations and other products applied sit much better and last much longer. It is a very easy primer base you apply before you put on your foundation or powder. It’s thin, it rubs in very easily and it keeps your makeup into place. I love the mineralize foundation because it isn’t thick and it doens’t feel like you’re wearing a mask of makeup. With my MAC foundation brush, I can egalise it even thinner so it really doens’t look like i’m wearing a lot of makeup.

For my long days at work, taking care of my business, crystals online shop, picking up little Luna from school and rushing off to a TV set for filming, these tips are essential. I hope they are of interest to some make up and skincare lovers out there. I hope you enjoy make up to enhance your already beautiful selves.




Much love to all!



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