Does Your Eyewear suit your personality or lifestyle?

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Does your eyewear style keep up with your overall personal style? So, you work out. You’re up-to-date with your wardrobe, your hair style. Are you forgetting something important, right in front of your eyes? Ill-fitting, poor quality glasses can be the equivalent of being a decade off. Don’t let your frames undo the good style you’ve built up! No one wants to look outdated. Unknowingly picking a bad shape or making a colour mistake can detract from your total look.



All photos are of current eyewear now in at Roltz Eyewear Malta



Great glasses and sunnies are like the perfect-tailored blazer or top: you can mix and match with your wardrobe, and they can instantly update your look by a decade.

How do you know if your glasses are earning you a “Thumbs Up”?

Here are a few tips to make sure you get a great look.

Not all retro is good.

Wearing the same eyewear year after year can leave you stuck in a trend, too. While a few evergreen styles in glasses exist, most trends go five years before it all changes. Style, thickness, metal versus acetate, and mini trends in between. Similar to a well-tailored suit, you can’t rely on the glasses that worked 10 years ago to work today. Round metal frames are coming back. Look for something more elegant. Where details speak for themself with a deeper, more contemporary, rounded shape for example.

Semi-rimless and rimless framescan also be great alternatives today depending on face shape. Oversized frames that were in style the past few years are starting to die out. Today’s hinner, more translucent colors can be a good alternative. Metal aviators with clear lenses, popular in the 70s, are my faves and they are coming back with modern styling in the form of unique shapes! Yessss!




Want to go bold? Be sure you can back it up.

Very few people can get away with a bright red pair of glasses, or go ultra-glam. You might want to re-think the decision, unless it’s your signature color and you can back it up! Quirky styles and an irreverent approach to eyewear can quickly backfire after repeated wear. Your glasses start wearing you, rather than the other way around. To wear quirky glasses well, you need to have a funky look from head-to-toe (and perhaps your own glam squad). You can become the quirky lady with pink sparkly glasses if you want, but don’t do it by accident. Instead, consider blending your eyewear with your personal style and still have fun doing it.



Complement your personal style or profession.

A great pair of glasses should complement your personal style. If you are dressing in pant suits in an ultra-conservative office, you might not want to wear a fashion-forward, contemporary round oval that doesn’t match your setting. But if you work in a creative profession? Absolutely. If you’re an architect or designer, a bolder, Danish-style round in a rimless lens may also work. For more conservative styling, go for subtle hints of colour. Take a more gradual creative approach, perhaps with blue tortoise versus conventional grey or an over-the-top sparkly frame.




Whichever your choose, its always advisable to ask the professionals for tips.

When visiting Roltz Eyewear, you are ensured to be well taken care of.

Hope you enjoyed this Blog feature!

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Eyewear: Roltz Eyewear styled by Luisa Attard
Outfits: Romm’s Boutique, Sliema Malta
Hair: Christine Cortis @ Stylistics
Photography: Marin Babanov
Venue: Portomaso and Hilton Malta

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