How To Dress up Your Little Black Dress

Hi ladies! Welcome to my Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog! We’ve all have that one little black dress, one we love and wear a million times right?! I thought it would be fun to share how I  spice up my little black dresses, sometimes the same one, for all sorts of occasions. You do not have to go out and buy a new dress every time you have an event or a dinner date. Sometimes just a change in hairdo and styling. You can dress it up for a gallery opening or dress it down for a casual Saturday outing. It’s the ultimate foundation piece to have it a totally new feel. I am known as the queen of accessorising and making something very simple look Fabulouuuus! Money is not always the answer to your problems and to pull your outfit off. Most times it’s part imagination and part fun!

The LBD is a bit like a blank canvas. You can accessorize, add details, switch up your jewelry and layer it in unique ways, all of which allow you to wear that one staple dress a multitude of ways, especially if it is very plain and simple in its cut. Whether you own one LBD or 10, don’t be afraid to get creative with your styling.

A common question is How do you dress up a little black dress, even restyle the same dress?

Here you go!

5X8A2982Here is one of my latest purchases. It’s an elegant black dress which I got in the January SALE at Romm’s Boutique. In this picture, I wanted to keep the styling very classic because the focus was my hair and with it I wore a long faux fur coat because it was pretty cold that day.  But now that I have it in my wardrobe, I already know that I will be wearing it sometimes with long leather boots and a leather biker jacket with my  hair pulled back for example. My husband Marco would never notice it’s the same dress I wore 3 weeks apart… and let’s be honest.. I’m sure many of your boyfriends or husbands are not the super observant type either! They are just happy to be spending time with you. Punto! It’s us who create drama … We “never have anything to wear ” we say while the shoes and sweaters are all falling out the minute we open the wardrobe haha


1. LBD with a printed coat or animal print


Animal prints are a great way to add some sass. Throw on a leopard or zebra print scarf for a dash of color. There’s nothing to fear with a little animal print. They can be found in many different articles of clothing. If a leopard print jacket is too much, try a couple of tiger print bangle bracelets or animal inspired earrings. I love the hair style like this too with the middle parting on a low sleek ponytail. Super classy.

3. Slip-On Swiss-Dot Tights

A pair of patterned hosiery is an inexpensive and seasonably sensible way to add visual interest to an LBD.

This particular pair is from Asos.

10185306-1-black (1)

4. Add a Leather Jacket to Your Little Black Dress

An easy way to make your cocktail dress a little edgier is by adding a leather jacket. We love how Taylor Hill’s oversized, moto jacket gives her mini dress and barely-there sandals a little tough girl appeal.



6. Shoes

Footwear is of the utmost importance when accessorizing your little black dress; try to steer clear of all black. Go nude, choose a bold print, or opt for a colorful heel.

While the little black dress is an absolute staple, it just isn’t the same without a little extra pop to give it some fierce flair. Don’t worry about making it perfect, the key to accessorizing any outfit s to try new things and to have fun with it.


5. Update your little black dress with a serious dose of bling

With so many glitzy, eye-catching earrings and bracelets, no one will notice if you’re trotting out your favorite little black dress, two (or three) weekends in a row. Just swap the accessories and you re good to go !



Well these are my tricks.

What is your favorite way to accessorize your little black dress?

Leave your comments here below or in my social media posts on Instagram and Facebook!

Much love



LBD by Patrizia Pepe at Romm’s
Hair: Malcolm Theuma using Balmain extensions
Photos: Marin Babanov







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