Daphne Malta – 3 more office looks for fashion inspiration

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my BLOG! I know you are all loving January and getting back to your routines! Well let’s be positive and assume that you are oozing with fresh enthusiasm for what you do and are feeling good for 2020 and beyond.





Last week I was so pleased to share a Blog with an introduction to the new store in Malta called Daphne which prompted quite some interest by locals and I thank many of you for enquiring with either me or the store for items they have available right now.

The corporate looks were very well received. so I will today very happily share some more winter looks we prepared for you – Two are corporate ie clothes you could easily wear to the office or to special appointments, while the third look is very casual and chic accessorised with some of my jewellery crystals pendants at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC .



Be Smart Yet Comfortable

Many women equate dressing smartly with wearing very tight-fitting clothes. Give a woman an intimidating meeting or presentation to dress for and her default will often be to vacuum-pack herself into a tight dress or suit. I suppose there are issues here about what women are valued for, stirred into a primal instinct of what to wear in order to hold an audience’s attention.

Anyway, I think it’s worth recognising as a faux pas – a no no!  If what you are wearing is so tight that the only male equivalent is midlife crisis cycling gear, then perhaps you should consider a rethink.

“There is something about a defined, clear silhouette that projects a crispness and clarity that feels right at work”

I am not suggesting we walk around the office in baggy pyjama style trousers which make you want to roll back into bed and sleep all day.  There is certainly something about a defined, clear silhouette that projects a crispness and clarity that feels right at work – it just doesn’t have to be a perfect hourglass dress.

I am personally very into the trouser shape  which is the high-waisted, with a buttoned waistband and wide or tapered legs, again not too tight pants. This works really well with a shirt or blouse tucked in. A loose or pleated midi skirt becomes very purposeful-looking if you wear it with a structured blazer. These suits at Daphne really ticked my personal boxes in terms of class, good quality and comfort.








Crystal Clear

With regards to choice of crystals jewellery in this blog, there was also some thought placed into the choice. Apart from their appearance and styling bonus,  crystals and gemstones are great tools to help us  align our energy balances and points better, to help us perform better every day.

In this blog,  I chose the purple amethyst known to help with stress and anxiety, while the black obsidian is known to be a grounding stone for best daily focus and protection from negative vibes.  For clarity, you might want a good quality clear quartz. Let’s be honest, for those who work in large offices, we all need some of these crystals blended in nicely with our office looks.

Our well being and our energy is as important as the outfit we wear right? Yes!






I hope you enjoyed these looks and tips today. Do stay tuned for more fashion looks here at graziellecamilleri.com with Daphne Malta and other wonderful brands that resonate with me. 

Much Love and good vibes to you all!




Was wearing:

All Full Outfits: Daphne Malta
Make Up MAC Cosmetics Malta
Hair Christine Cortis @ Stylistics
Photography Marin Babanov
Venue FINO Malta

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