Great News! Daphne Fashion Brand Opens A Store in Malta

Hello everyone and welcome once again to my blog for what might be the last feature for 2019! OMG. Yes! So, to fill you in, behind the scenes of a perfect Instagram feed and lovely Facebook posts, believe it or not, apart from the traveling to Cannes, my hectic December work schedule and events happening, my family has also managed to successfully move home this month, just in time for Christmas! I ve been challenged in so many ways, but as a family, we have made it through, so I am truly appreciating the time off these last two weeks of the year, to relax and enjoy all the family love and some fruits of our hard work and of course prepare for the exciting years ahead!




Coming to what the blog is about today, speaking of the name DAPHNE which has come up in international news for many reasons these past few weeks, it also happens that DAPHNE is a fashion brand from Bulgaria that has just launched a new store in Naxxar. I had never heard of it before and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer. I know that it will be a success in the Maltese market because of its style, quality, and various offerings to suit many women’s needs for outfits to carry them from the office days to outings in comfort and with prices that do not break the bank.

I ‘ll be showing you some of their clothes and accessories in the coming months – some outfits that I personally like and style, but they offer so many things, which you can style your way, so you have to pop in yourself to explore. I’m just here for inspiration. This store is run by MPMH International Services Limited and it is situated in Naxxar in a central location close to the Naxxar center and all amenities.


At first glance, what I love about this brand and the store:

• Corporate, Casual and smart under one roof
• Very good quality materials
• Great value for money
• Affordable prices
• Mix & Match Options
• Easy parking
• Friendly sales assistants

Having tried on many pieces and looked at the clothes, accessories and home furnishings available, I can see that all the materials and technological elements embedded in their fashion pieces, from the fabrics to the smallest details, meet not only women’s aesthetic ideas, but also the top criteria for quality, durability, and comfort of the garment. The fabrics and auxiliary materials for the production of Daphne collections, technological and production base are selected with precision by world-renowned companies to be more durable and long-lasting.

Here are the first 3 looks I would like to share with you today. All of them are looks I would wear to work and also to go out afterward with friends or my husband for a date night after work.













The suits are my favorite but I ‘ll let you pick yours.

What do you think of this new brand in Malta? Are you excited to check it out?

Visit and Follow the Daphne Facebook page and Daphne Malta Instagram page for updates and inquiries you may have.

Much love to all!

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year Holidays 😉



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