A Christmas Message From The Heart

A message from the angels to all the world at this time

This week, more than usual, our hearts are open to receive blessings from the angels. Beautiful energies enter the Earth to heighten our emotions and to protect us, to give us more reasons to see happiness and joy. As they fly around us, warming our souls with their feathers and singing their magnificent tunes to our hearts, we can feel the beauty of Christmas within. Imagine how many angels are surrounding you right now this very moment.

It is so beautiful to see all the kind-hearted souls taking time to visit one another, to  make that extra phone call or send messages and to share their love with gifts, cards, baked foods, crafts, traditions, meals, and heartfelt thoughts, not to be seen on national television for their kindness, but to honestly and truly be compassionate to others during their time off work.

It is a pleasure to see so many people assisting those in need, sharing their love by donating to charitable causes, baking to raise money for those in need of love, writing letters of encouragement to people they’ll never meet!




The angels also see those who are sitting in solitude, looking at other people enjoying their loved ones and families and being saddened by the fact that they are not so fortunate. Many of our brothers or sisters are feeling sad or lonely today because they are not aware of the unlimited love around them or because they are missing someone who is no longer with them in this physical world or perhaps they feel something’s missing. They are at home or out in the streets, grieving over a lost loved one, or crying with loneliness, and they see the love in their hearts, striving to emerge even in such darkened times.

The spirit of the season is indeed a celebration of the light that is always there for you, and more importantly, it is a celebration of the fact that this light waits always to emerge in spite of any darkness. 

The story of Christ took form in a baby laid in a humble manger on a dark and chilly night. He was not born into a wealthy family with a huge house and servants. It’s in humility that we learn love and character dear ones.  The lamp remained lit in the temple shining to proclaim the miraculous that was about to unfold. It is in the darkest of nights that many light their lamps and find love in cosy companionship and friendships. It is in troubled waters that humans find that extra spark and courage to survive, until they reach better times again. Christ gave us many messages while he was here, but his life was one to remind us of the Christ we must find inside each and every one of us.

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 


This season, dear ones, is not one for material gifts alone but it is a celebration and a reminder, that no matter what darkness and divisiveness exist in your world, your home, or your heart, there is always light waiting to emerge.

And if you notice that in someone today, who is sad or lonely, will you give them an extra hug for me, an extra smile? Tell them they will be OK no matter what!


My friends, sit with the angels during your holiday celebrations. Open your hearts with simple intent. Breathe slowly and deeply and ask them to assist us and allowing the light within you to rise up and fill any areas of pain, suffering, fear, anger, sadness, or jealousy.

Ask them to fan the flames of love within you. This is a present they wish to share with each and every one of you, for they know you are nothing but this light and love.

Christmas is the day we all get together to remember the Love that keeps us alive and that guides us towards the light where we came from. With this in mind, I make a wish that we could Keep this marvelous Spirit all year! Joy vs Fear, kindness vs hate, Truth vs lies.
Allow this beautiful feeling in your hearts to last as long as possible for it is in that zone that we can do the best things for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters.

Sending you love and warm greetings this Christmas Week!



Photos of me: Marin Babanov
All Digital  Art by Joseph Farrugia, Whizz Art






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