Santa is Coming To Town!

Spreading joy with MAC COSMETICS Malta

Lady Santa and her little helper Luna were spotted in Valletta at M·A·C Cosmetics having fun with makeup and giving mince pies to all the children and the people who popped in to say Hi. Who said that a makeup company is only about makeup? When the team behind it exudes positivity and encourages empowerment and compassion too, then you have a powerful combination right there.

On Christmas Eve I went to my friends at MAC COSMETICS in Valletta to have a Christmas look done for Christmas Eve festivities and since Luna was off school and she really wanted to help her mummy spread smiles and hand out mince pies to people, I took her along with me to what is becoming one of her favourite places to visit. Why? Albeit 5 years old, she is already interested in lip glossing her tiny lips and adding glittery effects to her eyes at the weekend when she is off school. The team at MAC are I must say wonderful with children in the shop, so mummies (and daddies) if you need to go shopping or you need your makeup done, don’t you worry, your kids will have a lovely time too!




Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is the perfect time to spread joy and cheer. My wish for humanity is that we keep this Christmas light switch “ON”, the celebration of love, compassion and family bonding with everyone around us all year.

Every single day is a celebration of Life. Why wait for Christ or Christmas to celebrate that spirit once a year? The Ahlgren’s / Camilleris together with all the team at MAC COSMETICS Malta send you their love today and every day, and we encourage everyone to keep working in love, not only at Christmas but every day and remember, if you are in difficulty, even though you feel you ve hit rock bottom…. You are Not Alone … Ask for Help and someone will be able to help you in some way or another.

There are , believe it or not many kind souls out there who are like angels sent to help you when you need them the most. It could be for guidance or simply to comfort you in your fearful moments. but they do exist. Be open to receive.

I hope you are enjoying the festive season. We are!

Much love to everyone across the globe.




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80395532_610116109744054_6922465873504501760_nI  love this unique look that Dorothea at MAC Valletta did for me! It lasted two days! True story.

80329910_807327203071750_8281591386512293888_nLittle Luna loves trying pale coloured lipsticks and sometimes tries them on her dolls 😉 I let her be creative. As long as she does not exaggerate or try to go to school with it, I’m cool.80467800_592657534882457_5963814583033397248_n























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