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Winter 2019 is set to be a season of contrasts. On one hand, designers are paying homage to the not-so-discreet lavishness of the French bourgeoisie. On the other, punk spirit can be felt in the air, laughing in the face of convention and inspiring the silhouettes of the femme rebelle. But these two opposing influences share a common denominator – they celebrate the woman of today, rather than create an impossible ideal of what she should be. This is the trending feeling defining the fashion landscape in Fall/Winter 2019-2020.



For example, the runways have spoken, and the ’90s are back. So are the ’80s. And the ’70s. There are also a couple fashion trends that can’t be traced back to a particular decade, but are popular nonetheless. Confusing, I know, but designers like Chanel, Gucci, and more declared everything from power shoulders to micro-micro bags a thing, and we’re convinced we need it all. As brand ambassador for Max & Co, I have been having so much fun showing you different looks that can be put together with the wide variety of items available in store.

I tend to be a classic dresser with a penchant for the fashion of the 70s, 80s and 90s, reminiscent of my younger days! In this blog, I am happy to share with you 3 looks styled with Max & Co s latest collections in store, that I would feel very comfortable wearing from day to night and also to all the parties and after-work events.

The coats by Max & Co are beautiful classics that not only give you a classy look for any occasion, but as classics of excellent quality, they will last you for many seasons and remain looking wonderful even after many visits to the dry cleaners.

There is nothing more fun that combining different textures and colours this season. Apart from the season to be jolly and kind, it is the one to be daring and not conform to the norm. Have fun trying out styles like these and enjoy your holidays!






Max&Co-01Here I am wearing one of my clear quartz crystal pendants at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC .
It is so easy to style with almost any outfit and it keep my vibrations high all day.




Much love



Wearing Max & Co
Photography Bernard Polidano
Styling Drew Warhurst

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