Salvaged Beginnings by Parascandalo

On 22nd November, Marco PARASCANDALO showcased his latest collection ‘Salvaged Beginnings’. Inspired by the excitement of new chapters in his fashion path and new beginnings, Marco’s latest collection takes somewhat introspective turn as he goes back to childhood and the beginning of his chosen career path and brand.

Bursting on the local scene with his slogan emblazoned T-shirts five years ago, Marco has gone from strength to strength. Although PARASCANDALO is a brand with local roots, Marco’s experimental approach to fashion and his cutting edge ideas have allowed him to expand his brand internationally. He is mostly known for his unique take on streetwear, and Marco pays special attention to the wearability and durability of his items. He integrates aspects of Maltese culture, satire and sometimes environmental issues into his pieces and of late, he is expanding his fashion range to some elegant wear too to cater for the ones who, like myself,  usually go for more elegant designs.

Photos by Mark Soler




In this collection titled “SALVAGED BEGINNINGS” we saw a wonderful mix of styles. The palette this time was focused on lime green, purples and of course a lot of basic black and white. He recreated some interesting smart casual designs using his unique Parascandalo signature styles, and in this one he introduced a type of racing print in the accessories.

I also sported one of his designs with a risque see through top under a cool sporty jacket and a multi-coloured pleated skirt  and I felt really good in it – I felt really cool 😉  I always feel great pride wearing designs from people I know personally, who are working hard in the extremely competitive fashion industry, to keep growing and developing their brand.

I love this new collection from the Maltese designer and look forward to wearing his pieces again!

Well done to Marco and all the team behind this event held at MCast Malta and I have no doubt that it will do really well because it is easy to wear and the items and easily be combined with each other.

A toast to Salvaged Beginnings!

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Some pics shot after the Fashion Show of some familiar faces on the local scene



I was wearing PARASCANDALO 



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